It’s been a different kind of week leading up to the holiday.  As many of you know, I don’t bite my tongue.  The events that unfolded last week at Sandy Hook make me sick and confused.  Whether you say it or not, you feel for the parents, children and their community.

My dad, who was a very intelligent man, told me something 12 years ago when I was trying to figure out  going through a divorce.  I was confused and wondering how and why this had happened, and my dad said, “There are questions that there are no answers for, no matter how much you try to push the blame off to something, there is no reasonable answer why.”

I do know that rash, knee-jerk reactions and theories are a way for people with prior agendas to act like they have the answer to fix the problems by starting other problems that offer no real solution.  I was out this last week and it was scary.  It started Tuesday night for me at Walmart.  They had removed the AR-15s from their shelves.  I heard Dick’s Sporting Goods and other stores were doing the same thing, so I had to see for myself.  It’s true, businesses are already doing what we fear.  Long Lines for ammo were already forming.

I went to Vincent’s Pawn and Gun to pick out two AR-15s for our Whitetails Unlimited Banquet.  They told me they had five more in the shop and a few on order, and within hours they were gone.  In fact, they’re gone from every shop around, including the Springfield area.

You hear about the old, so-called “Assault Rifles” Ban, which doesn’t make sense because an AR-15 in not a selective fire weapon.  It is a semi-automatic weapon, just like most deer rifles.  If you’re an NRA gun-loving American, I suggest you get what you can before they try to take another Constitutional right as an American away.  Remember, the Second Amendment makes all the others possible.

Now that I’m off of my soap box, I’d like to tell you that Whitetails Unlimited banquet tickets are selling fast.  Remember to get your tickets soon because we won’t have them at the door.  It looks like we’ll have at least one, maybe two, AR-15s at the banquet as part of the live auction.  This could your last chance to own one of the last ones available to the public.

Remember to thank a veteran and stand strong in your beliefs, in America and our Constitution.  If you don’t like the bus driver that’s driving America, you don’t have to get on that bus.