The Sedalia Area Tourism Commission met Friday, Oct. 11 at 1:15 pm in the Upstairs Conference Room of the Katy Depot.

Those present were: Sedalia Area Tourism Commission representatives: Chairman Chuck Kempton, Vice Chair David Dick, Treasurer Erica Eisenmenger, Tom Adermann, CVB Advisory Carolyn Crooker, CVB / TC Liaison Deb Biermann. John Kehde was unable to attend.

Sedalia Convention & Visitors Bureau Officers: Chair Kyle Herrick, Vice Chair Kevin Daniels, Treasurer Rick Yeager.

Notice according to the Sunshine Law was provided to the Sedalia Democrat, KDRO Radio, and Townsquare Media; as well as being posted at the CVB Office.

On motion by David Dick, seconded by Rick Yeager, minutes of previous meeting held January 2019 were approved with all in favor.

Chuck Kempton reviewed the Financial Report which was approved on motion by David Dick, seconded by Erica Eisenmenger with all being in favor.

Total money in the bank $746,799.71
Active 2019 pledges $467,615.77
Remaining pledge balance $304,721.38
Clear Funds $542,058.33

On motion by Kyle Herrick, seconded by David Dick, with all being in favor, an amount of $850 was set aside to cover operating expenses of the SATC 2020 Budget including D&O insurance, photocopying, and domain name.

Continuing with changes implemented in the past several years, the next phase of incorporating Tourism Partner Request for Funding (RFF) into the CVB Budget request is being reflected in the 2020 RFF process.

The CVB will meet with the tourism partners to review the respective marketing campaign and will review the required documents including the Tourism Development Plan, marketing plan objectives, and fiscal year budget reports. While the required documents will no longer be submitted to the SATC as part of their agenda packet, they will be available for review upon request. Therefore, the CVB presentation includes request for funding for the Katy Depot and for the Ragtime Festival.

A summary of 2020 requests in comparison to four previous year funding levels had been distributed for review prior to the meeting. Copies of the respective request for funding packets are on file.

Courtney Fry presented on behalf of the Missouri State Fair Offseason Destination Marketing Campaign.

The request totals less than 2019 due to significant facility improvements currently scheduled. One reduction is in amount allocated to radio advertising. Discussion included rotation schedule of RV rallies, how state fairgrounds are becoming more competitive but narrowing marketing to their niche markets, use of billboards, and use of social media. On motion by Kyle Herrick, seconded by Tom Adermann, with all being in favor, this request for $70,785 was approved.

Diane Burnett and Andrew Treuner presented on behalf of Liberty Center Association for the Arts Destination Marketing Campaign. Their request, totaling $28,983.00, included new line items for research for a Centennial Book of $2,000; and $2,500 for research and design of an interactive sculpture to be located on the west side of Liberty Center. Other new line items included production of an informational video and update of a trifold brochure. Discussion included how reorganizational efforts of LCAA are impacting their programming and marketing. On motion by Chuck Kempton, seconded by Kyle Herrick, unanimous approval was given to funding $24,483 contingent upon the following.

Clarification was needed regarding the $2,000 for the Centennial Book as to whether or not this was funding the research or funding production of the book. If it is for research, whether or not the research would be copyrighted or would be made available for use by the CVB. If it is to be applied for multi-use, then the $2,000 would be approved. Diane has provided the following information to clarify questions about research and production. The quote from Becky Imhauser for $2,000 is a discount for LCAA for Content Development.

This includes research, writing, and acting as a liaison with the publisher but not for the printing of the book.  There is a separate bid from Interstate for the printing.  Becky clarified there wouldn’t be any separate research other than what is included in the book but she would answer questions as needed.  The copyright question is more complicated but LCAA will want to share the historical information found with the CVB as much as possible. Based upon the clarification, the $2,000 was approved.

The $2,500 for the interactive sculpture park was not approved due to issues concerning SATC funding development projects and further for lack of specific details.

On motion by Kyle Herrick, seconded by Rick Yeager with all in favor, the SATC declined funding LCAA request to fund $1,500 for performance fees associated with the Tom Wurth concert on Oct. 26. SATC has traditionally not funded performance fees but rather marketing of the event.

Carolyn Crooker presented on behalf of the Convention & Visitors Bureau / Katy Depot / Ragtime Festival.

Sedalia Destination Marketing Campaign totals $190,210 with new line item including production of a F L A T Kat promotional campaign encouraging visitors to explore Sedalia’s year-round destinations.
The concept is taken from the Flat Stanley books that are very popular with elementary school kids, parents and grandparents. Six individual standing cards will be produced for distribution at the respective destinations: Boots McScratch – Missouri State Fair, Katsey Jones – Katy Depot, Meowlodious Rags – Downtown Sedalia, Meowrigold – Liberty Park, Pitcatso – Daum Museum, and Bobcat Bothwell – Bothwell Lodge. All Tourism Coalition partners are excited about this unique approach and some have already indicated they would like to use it further in their marketing efforts.

Katy Depot Destination Marketing totals $21,590 with new line items including update of the Katy Depot and Joplin Footsteps visitor guides.

Scott Joplin Festival Marketing totals $33,620 with new line items including creation of a promotional video, and resurrection of quarterly newsletters.

On motion by David Dick, seconded by Rick Yeager, with all in favor approval was given to full funding of the above requests.

Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned on motion by Tom Adermann, seconded by David Dick with all being in favor.

--Submitted by: Deb Biermann


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