There was only one item on the Sedalia City Council's agenda at their meeting on Monday night (Feb. 10). The council held another public forum on the smoking ban that was put into effect in September of 2013.

Seven citizens spoke for the ban to continue, and Seven spoke to rescind or modify the ordinance. Following the public input, the council members discussed the issue.

Before the discussion began, Sedalia Mayor Elaine Horn told the members there would be no bullying if one member had a different opinion than another might have. That admonishment did not keep 4th Ward Councilman Larry Stevenson from asking Councilman Galliher of the 1st Ward, and a candidate for mayor in April's election if his comments in favor of leveling the playing field by making the ban include private clubs was going to be his campaign slogan. After Stevenson repeated the barb, Mayor Horn told him that was enough.

City Council decided to take a vote on the smoking ban on March 3, where they will decide whether to allow five bars that do not serve food to allowing smoking: Mandy's, E. Street Bar, Chez When, Friendly's and Coach's. Those bars would only be allowed to sell "pre-packaged snacks." If there are not enough votes to revise the ordinance, the smoking ban will remain unchanged.

Following the meeting, KSIS had the opportunity to talk to Sedalia City Administrator Gary Edwards about the ban. Listen to the interview below.

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