The Sedalia City Council approved a $20,000 budget amendment for the Central Business and Cultural District (CBCD) Monday night, but the vote was not unanimous.

The vote was 5-3, with Council members Todd Oldham, Andrew Dawson and Jeff Leeman voting no.

Oldham cited issues of disrespect, disarray and the lack of professionalism within the CBCD in his explanation of his no vote.

Leeman said he was initially on the fence about it, with a lack of communication with the Council being a huge problem for him. He voted no.

Dawson did not go into detail about his no vote.

Bonita Nash voted yes, but said the CBCD needs to get their “ducks in a row.”

Bob Cross voted yes, mainly to get it over with. “We have a lot on our table,” he said.

Megan Page wanted to hear from CBCD and SDDI members, but that was not an option before the vote was taken. She ultimately voted yes.

Some CBDB Board members spoke at the July 1 Council meeting, and Council tabled the issue.

During a CBCD Board meeting held Aug. 29, Mayor John Kehde presented a proposed resolution for a path forward. The CBCD adopted the proposal and their revised recommendations to Council for a budget amendment.

Later in the meeting, three new appointees were named by  Mayor Kehde to the CBCD Board, including Mark Quattlebaum, Sonny Broyles and Dedrie Esquivel.

Randy Kirby
Randy Kirby

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