Two members of the Sedalia Lions Club approached the Sedalia City Council Monday night with plans to produce a 2019 version of their Pub Crawl, an event that was highly successful in 2018.

Jessica Borchers and Courtney Hicks spoke to Council about the 2019 Pub Crawl, which will take place in downtown Sedalia March 16 from 1 to 8 p.m. in conjunction with St. Patrick's Day festivities.

One of the major changes for 2019 will be no live band at the event, Borchers said. No reason was given for the change.

Plans call for more off-duty officers to provide security for the Pub Crawl, which will be serving alcohol in plastic cups to those wearing an official wristband. No glass will be allowed outside the various establishments participating in the event.

No map was presented to Council Monday night, as the parameters of the imbibing area have yet to be firmly established. But the reason the Lions Club approached Council was to get its approval before ironing out any more details, according to City Counselor Anne Gardner.

City Administrator Kelvin Shaw said the Lions Club has been great to work with and he has the confidence to recommend approval to suspend the City's open container law for the duration of the event in the specified area.

Council then voted to approve the event with seven yes votes and one absent (Jeff Leeman).

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