Race Car Bob Hiller presented a $9,563.64 check to the Sedalia Police DARE program Monday night near the top of the City Council meeting at the Municipal Building, 2nd and Osage.

The check represented the proceeds from the 29th annual DARE Car Show, held April 6 outside the Municipal Building.

Hiller emphasized that the Sedalia DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) program is the richest in Missouri, and does not request City money to fund the program, which costs $6,500 annually. He added that financially, the Sedalia DARE program is secure for the next seven years.

An emotional Hiller, who has suffered three strokes in the past 18 months, thanked the Council and the community for their ongoing support of the program. He then presented a cashier's check to Mayor John Kehde.

DARE Officer Brad Beard and Sedalia Police Chief Matt Wirt, as well as Hiller's partner Maybelle Koeller, attended Monday night's City Council meeting.

Hiller has raced and exhibited his DARE car for the past 13 years. And each time he makes a public appearance, "We represent the Sedalia PD when we do that," he said. "We are the only DARE program that actually offers a scholarship."

Two scholarships were presented to high school seniors on the day of the car show. Both recipients were present and posed for photos. Beard explained that the necessary paperwork was done in record time this year so the presentation could take place at the show.

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