Monday night's City Council meeting led off with a service award for Fire Chief Matt Irwin with 25 years of service.

He was presented with a certificate by Mayor Andrew Dawson.

Sedalia Police Commander Josh Howell has served 15 years with the City of Sedalia, but was not present Monday night.

This was followed by three badge pinnings for three members of the Sedalia Fire Department, including Robert Ladd, Jr., Brinton Beard and Paul Humble.

Brinton Beard was pinned by his mother Katie Beard. Paul Humble was pinned by Josh Nelson, and Ladd was pinned by his father Bob Ladd.

Irwin noted that all three have completed the requirements to earn their firefighter badge, including Firefighter I and II, as well as EMT certifications. They also completed their probation periods. "They are ready to move forward with their career and start their service," Chief Irwin said.

Firefighter and Driver Roger Wiskur was then honored for his 33 years and three months of service with the Sedalia Fire Department.

A large group of family members and fellow firefighters were there to support Wiskur, who received a standing ovation from the Council and gallery.

"It's kind of an emotional evening," Irwin said, referring to the start of three firefighter careers and the ending of another.

Under Finance and Administration, Council approved an open container waiver for the 2022 Scott Joplin Festival, scheduled for June 2-4 from 1 to 7 p.m., each day.

Council then approved an ordinance authorizing the City of Sedalia to join with the State of Missouri and other local governmental units as a participant in the “Missouri State-Local Government Opioid Litigation Memorandum of Understanding.” The litigation concerns manufacturers and distributors of opioids.

Council then amended the safety manual for the City of Sedalia by removing the motor vehicle record review section and replacing it with a new driver eligibility policy. Human Resource Director Shannon Ramey-Tull led the effort.

Under Public Safety, Fire Chief Matt Irwin introduced a presentation on “Brycer: The Compliance Engine” to determine if there is any interest in the program here locally.

Council then approved an ordinance ceasing future accruals in the Firefighter's Retirement Fund and accepting eligible firefighters into the Missouri Local Government Employees Retirement System (Lagers).

Council then approved the purchase of Hurst tools and other equipment (hydraulic extraction tools) for the Sedalia Fire Department at a cost of $41,166 from Alex Air Apparatus, Inc.

This was followed by approval for the purchase of stabilization struts and other equipment for the SFD from Alex Air Apparatus at a cost of $15,107.25.

The total of the two purchases came to $56,273.25. Alex Apparatus submitted the best and most responsive bid, it was noted.

Under Public Works, Council approved the annexation of two adjoining properties at 2845 South New York. The City owns property that sits inside and outside city limits as part of its sewer operations, it was noted. In addition, Michael and Katie Fisher have a commercial property adjoining it and requested annexation in order to receive city utilities and other services. The Fishers were in attendance Monday night, and were all smiles when they left the Council chamber.

Council approved the purchase of a solar LED flashing warning sign to be used for crosswalks at Main and Kentucky. The reason is the expected increase in traffic around the newly-opened Katy Trail Community Health business, which was recently relocated to the downtown area from Westwood Avenue in western Sedalia. The flashing lights (with push buttons) are intended to draw motorists' attention to the ladder-style crosswalks.

The City will buy the flashing sign system from Omnia Partners at a cost of $9,855.65.

Council approved change order #2 from S & S Equipment and Builders for infill of an underground storage area on Main between Kentucky and Osage at a cost of $9,176.99. The change order is necessary due to the need for additional labor and materials. A 15-by-eight-foot void was discovered beneath the sidewalk on Main, it was explained by Public Works Director Brenda Ardrey. And the void must be filled before a new sidewalk can be poured.

"It's more than a hole," Ardrey told the Council, adding that steel plates had to be installed between the sidewalk and the length of the building.

Council then approved the purchase of a new vacuum street sweeper from Red Equipment, LLC, at a cost of $245,000 for the Street Department. The old 2008 model needs to be replaced, the City said. To fix the old one would have cost more than half the price of a new one, Public Works Director Brenda Ardrey told the Council.

The new street sweeper will be bought through a cooperative purchasing contract.

Council then approved overnight camping at Katy Park for a special event, “Big Muddy Bicycle on the Katy” scheduled for May 17.

Under Appointments, Mayor Andrew Dawson appointed Chuck Leftwich and Lee Scribner to the Board of Appeals. Michelle Bassett was appointed to the Central Business and Cultural District. Former Mayor John Kehde was appointed to the Planning & Zoning Commission. And Chuck Leftwich was appointed to the Zoning Board of Adjustments.

Second Ward Councilman Chris Marshall will serve on the Planning and Zoning Commission after being elected by Council. He was nominated by First Ward Councilman Tom Oldham and seconded by Third Ward Councilman Lucas Richardson.

One liquor license renewal was approved for Jeremy Klein, dba The Korner Lounge, 1604 South Ohio, for liquor by the drink and Sunday sales, $750.

Near the end of the public meeting, Sedalia Senior Center board member Rene Vance spoke to Council, explaining the urgent need for more drivers. Call 826-0713 if you are interested in helping deliver meals to the elderly and homebound. The Senior Center is now located at the Heckart Community Center.

Vance noted that the Senior Center delivers to 225 seniors in the Sedalia area.

Since opening at the Heckart March 18, the Senior Center has served close to 5,000 meals, Vance said.

"There's a lot of volunteering needed," Vance told KSIS. "We don't pay mileage, but we sure do appreciate anybody who's got two hours a week" (to volunteer).

A Council work session was announced by the Mayor for Wednesday at 6:30 p.m., to talk about special use permits and zoning issues related to issues such as transitional
services and warming shelters.

Mayor Pro Tem Tina Boggess requested that a marker be placed on East Saline to mark the site of the old George R. Smith black college in time for the annual Juneteenth celebration.

Council then adjourned to closed-door session to deal with legal advice and Real Estate relating to quitclaim deeds and special warranty deeds, according to notes provided by the Council.

In the top photo: Firefighter/driver Roger Wiskur speaks to the Council after receiving a a retirement plaque from Fire Chief Matt Irwin.

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