The Sedalia Parks and Rec Board gathered at Convention Hall on Thursday night and accepted a bid for a new Gator utility vehicle.

The park board reviewed two bids for the vehicle, one from Crown Power and Equipment in LaMonte and another from Ag-Power in Sedalia.

The board voted to accept the bid from Ag-Power in the amount of $12,610.

Sedalia Park and Rec Director, Amy Epple, said the bid includes 'everything we need' for the vehicle.

Vice President of the Park Board, Jerry Case, noted there was about $14,000 budgeted for a new Gator utility vehicle and the bid came in under-budget, saving roughly $1,400 for future expenses.

In other action, the park board rejected a proposal from the Sedalia United Soccer Association (SUSA), to have exclusive practice rights at the Liberty Park football field. Currently, all groups that practice and play on park property follow a set-schedule. Epple added, 'that no organization has exclusive rights to any piece of property in the park system.'

During the evening's discussion, Case noted that in October, the board would come to a decision about a resubmitted proposal to name a field after Devon Grose; a former Sacred Heart soccer player who passed away in 2016.

Board member Rhiannon Foster also gave an update on the summer pool program. She said, 'attendance numbers were up over the summer and the pool passes were popular with kids and families.' Volleyball registration numbers appear to be down, but those numbers are expected to go up during winter registration, with parents helping out.

In regards to the vandalism that occurred Wednesday night at Liberty Park, Epple emphasized that park staff is working to clean-up the mess as quickly as possible. Currently, there are no suspects. However, Epple said charges will be pressed when the suspect(s) is found.

Ryan Skaith
Ryan Skaith

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