The Sedalia Parks and Recreation are working hard to make this dreary winter as entertaining as possible.  They've got a lot of stuff planned for all the kids and for their parents, too. From the Princess Party, the Superhero Party,  Daddy and Me Date Night, Dr Seuss' Fun Night and the Snowball Hunt, there's a lot to choose from.  The best part is it's stuff that's fun for the kids and inexpensive.  You don't have to break the bank to get your kids out and about, doing stuff that's going to create memories and shape them into active, imaginative people.

I got to talk to Carrie Taylor wit the the Parks and Recreation about the events, how you can get signed up and what to expect.

If you need more information on any events or upcoming programs, you can stop by the office at 1500 W. 3rd Street (they're open 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.), visit their website, or call them at 660-826-4930.

Recreationally yours,