Do you ever miss those days on the school safety patrol where you were Johnny Law? Maybe just a little? I don't know if I'd say I miss them. But in my junior high days serving as patrol captain in eighth grade is one of my favorite memories. If you're looking to re-live those days or just give back to the kids, the Sedalia Police Department may have just the job you're looking for.

According to a Facebook post on the Sedalia Police Department's page they're accepting applications for the position of Crossing Guard with the department. Here's what the job entails:

This position is responsible for the safety of our elementary school children while crossing intersections before and after school. Applicants must be able to walk with children across intersections and make good decisions on intersection safety before allowing children in the roadway. This position pays $10.56 an hour and works 2 hours a day, 5 days a week while school is in session.

It's really not a bad gig for someone who is available for an hour before school and an hour after school. The gig pays about $105 dollars before payroll taxes assuming you work two hours a day five days a week. It's good pocket money for a State Fair Community College Student, a retiree looking for something to do, or even a mom or dad whose kids go to school in Sedalia.

If this is a position you're interested in you can learn more about the job and apply for it here.


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