Residents in the area have recently reported a phone scam to Sedalia authorities.

According to a press release from the Sedalia Police Department, the caller appears to be coming from legitimate local numbers.

One person stated the number showed-up on her caller I.D. as coming from the City of Sedalia. When she returned the call, the number went to City Hall.

The phone scam is attempting to obtain credit card information from residents, by mimicking area phone numbers.

The voice of the caller is described as 'animated.' The report says the scam caller is offering solutions to get credit rates lowered.

Authorities are reminding area residents that no one from the City of Sedalia will ever call to request credit card information. Sedalia Police urge everyone not to give out personal information over the phone.

If anyone is the victim of a scam, contact the Sedalia Police Department at 826-8100.


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