The Sedalia Senior Center is planning a fund-raising event to take place in late June, and the Sedalia Park Board was approached Jan. 12 with a request.

Representing the Sedalia Senior Center was Jeff Wimann, who said that the center is operated by Care Connection for Aging Services, based in Warrensburg.

The Sedalia Senior Center, located at the Heckart Community Center, 1800 W. 3rd Street, provides meals to those 60 and older, and also offer home-delivered meals to older adults.

Wimann said that Care Connection has 21 facilities and Sedalia's is the largest.

“We make and deliver and feed over 6,000 meals a month out of this facility,” Wimann told the Park Board.

However, Wimann said, “we are struggling this year big time. So we have fund-raisers, and we've always had fund-raisers to help financially, but this year it's more important than ever, and so we are going to have a senior gala at the end of June.”

Wimann said that the SSC has already rented the three rooms for that time and date, which includes Community Room C where the Sedalia Park Board meets monthly.

Wimann said that he has been in contact with three other organizations who have conducted their own galas, and noticed a recurring theme with all three that he consulted with.

And that theme was that each fund-raiser sold alcohol.

“You need to have alcohol in order for those bids to be as high as possible,” Wimann remarked. “And I think we're all aware of that.  And that's why I'm before you tonight, to ask for a waiver for us to serve alcohol on June 24 from 5:30 to 7 o'clock.”

The alcoholic offerings will consist of an “open bar with wine and limited drinks,” Wimann said.

Park Board President Jerry Case replied that the Park Board does not allow for alcohol in the parks. Case said he wasn't opposed to the idea, but a policy needs to be established for those cases where a waiver is requested.

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Parks & Rec Director Amy Epple pointed out that even if the Park Board approves a waiver for the Sedalia Senior Center, it will ultimately need to be approved by full Council.

Park Board member Dan VanDyne noted that precedence was established in two prior events, one at Katy Park for bicyclists traveling the Katy Trail (an overnight event), and one at Liberty Park for the Sedalia Lions Club.

Case asked Wimann if it gives the SSC enough time if the matter is decided by Park Board at its February meeting, and Wimann responded that it does.

Park Board meets again Feb. 9 and City Council meets on Feb. 21.

The Sedalia Senior Center's hours of operation are:

8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday

Lunch is served 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday through Friday, with home-delivered meals available to qualified seniors.

For more information on Care Connection, email or call (660) 747-3107.

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