June is Elder Abuse Awareness Month. The Sedalia Senior Center offers a variety of services to help local seniors who may be victims of abuse.

"We are really, really concerned about elder abuse," said Brenda Moore with the Sedalia Senior Center. "Elder abuse can be any variety of things. It's not just somebody beating up their grandmother. It could be financial abuse, it can be simply neglect. We spend a lot of time every single month of the year talking to our seniors about scams. There are always credit card scams...we try very hard to educate our folks about the latest scams. We focus on that every single month, but we're really going to hit it hard in June."

According to Moore, anyone that suspects elder abuse can get help by contacting the Sedalia Senior Center. "If they suspect that they know of a situation, we have a care manager, our social worker, who is right on top of all that. All they need to do is call us and let us know. We don't have to get their name into it, we can just try to address the problem and make sure it doesn't go any further."

Moore says that a speaker from Care Connection will speaking at the Senior Center this month. June 15 is Elder Abuse Awareness Day and there will be several presentations on that day. Those that would like more information on upcoming presentations and abuse prevention information should contact the Sedalia Senior Center at 660-826-0713. The Sedalia Senior Center is at 312 S. Washington in Sedalia.

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