Several service & retirement awards led off Monday night's City Council meeting, including:

*Kyle Rupe, Sedalia Fire Department driver and engineer with 20 years of servce

*Nathan Deuschle, Sedalia Fire Department captain with 10 years of servce

*Mark Cherry, Sedalia Police Department officer with 10 years of servce

*Jamie Smoot, Finance Department accounting technician with five years of service

*Ty Barrett, Sedalia Police Department officer with five years of service (not present)

Retirement awards went to:

*Monte Richardson, director of Information Technology (IT) for the City of Sedalia, with 37 years and seven months of service

*Mike Holman, Cemetery Crew Leader, with 27 years, 8 months and one week of service

Mayor Dawson handed Holman a Mossberg shotgun purchased from WalMart as Holman's retirement gift.

Under Finance and Administration, an ordinance was passed amending the City's maternity-paternity leave policy.

Council then adopted a Pregnant Workers Fairness Act Policy.

Council then waived an open container policy for a special event called “Wings For Wags” that benefits Retrieving Freedom, which supplies service dogs to veterans and children with autism.

Local Tap, 7th and Ohio, is partnering with Retrieving Freedom to raise funds by sponsoring a BBQ-style chicken wing cooking contest that serves alchol in a desginated area on City streets from 4 to 9 p.m. Sept. 14.

Wristbands are required for participants, and the organizers are required to hire off-duty Sedalia Police officers to provide security.

Retrieving Freedom, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a facility located in northeast Pettis County.

Under Public Safety, Council approved the purchase of five new outdoor tornado warning sirens from Federal Signal Corporation (University Park, Illinois) through Blue Valley Public Safety (Grain Valley) at a cost of $175,000.

The price includes five sirens ($162,256.03) plus installation ($12,743.97).

A resolution to increase the City's budget and an ordinance to make the purchase was passed by Council to make it possible to buy and install the sirens immediately.

Council also approved a resolution to increase the City's budget and an ordinance to buy cameras to be located at railroad crossings that will live stream to Pettis County Joint Communications and the Sedalia Fire Department to show when crossings are clear of trains when emergency vehicles need to access the north side of town.

The cost is $8,536.98.

Council then approved the purchase of “Freddie The Fire Truck” at a cost of $11,466.80 from Robotronics, Inc., Springville, Utah, for use by the Sedalia DARE program.

A resolution to increase the City's budget and an ordinance to make the purchase was passed by Council to make it possible to buy “Freddie The Fire Truck,” which will have a voice modifier.

Due to ample cash in the DARE program budget, "Freddie" can now be purchased without using CIty funds, it was noted.

Under Public Works, Council approved a change order from Orr Wyatt Streetscapes for storm drainage improvements in Area 14 for an increase of $19,390.

Council approved contracts for four project areas in February, and four more in May.

Additional pipe that was not on the plans was discovered near Center and 9th Street. Also, there are some areas that are "ponding" where a drive approach and the sidewalk are too low in comparison to the storm water inlet.

Council then authorized a TRIM (Tree Resource Improvement and Maintenance) grant application for $10,000 for to grow the City's urban forest.

Sedalia is eligible for the grant as a designated Tree City, USA participant, it was noted.

Under Community Development, Coucil approved a sublicense agreement between Sedalia Main Streets and National Main Street Center, Inc., to incorporate the Main Street America program in Sedalia.

One new liquor license was approved by Council Monday night for Melissa Atkinson dba The 518 Provisions, 520 South Ohio, for liquor by the drink and sidewalk consumption, $500.

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Six liquor license renewals were approved by Council:

*Crystal Sims dba Woods Supermarket, Inc., 1400 South Limit, for packaged liquor, Sunday sales and taste testing, $487.50

*Crystal Sims dba Woods Supermarket, Inc., 701 East Broadway, for packaged liquor and Sunday sales, $450

*Mary Jane Stewart dba American Legion Post 642, 2016 W. Main, for liquor by the drink, $450

*Jeremy Klein dba The Korner Lounge, 1604 South Ohio, for liquor by the drink and Sunday sales, $750

*Jeremy Klein dba Cork-N-Bottle, 3806 East Broadway, for Sunday sales and packaged liquor, $450

*Dianna Greene dba Little Big Horn, 150 South Limit, for beer and wine, $75.

Under Good & Welfare, Pettis County Western Commissioner Jim Marcum said he has been in contact with the Pettis County Fire Chief and he would like to offer mutual aide to the north side of Sedalia in the event of a fire. Pettis County Fire's headquarters are located just south of the Nucor Road and North 65 Highway intersection.

Council Highlights July 1

Gallery Credit: Randy Kirby

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