Monday night's City Council meeting began with a public hearing for proposed tax rates for 2023.

City Administrator Kelvin Shaw explained that the Hancock Amendment requires that Municipalities go through this process to make sure that the city does not set its tax levies any higher than allowed by law.

No comments were received.

This was followed by a badge pinning for Firefighter and driver-engineer Cody Reynolds. He was pinned by his wife Molly. Reynolds previously worked for the Warrensburg Fire Department, Fire Chief Matt Irwin noted, and has been employed by the City of Sedalia for two years

"We are very proud of Cody," Chief Irwin said.

Finance Department head Jessica Pyle then gave Council a financial update.

She noted that the June sales tax and use tax figures show an increase of around $350,000 over last year.

Franchise taxes are up about $430,000 over last year. That figure includes money ($378,000) from a Charter class action suit involving live streaming, she said.

There has been an increase of around $50,000 in electricity taxes, she said. Pyle attributed that to the excess heat.

Transportation taxes are up 14.8 percent over last year due to higher gasoline taxes, Pyle noted.

Council then accepted the proposed tax rates for 2023.

The council accepted a $263,857 bid from Assured Partners – Cincinnati Insurance for commercial property and content insurance. There was only one bid received for the annual premium. The premium is up slightly, due to the increase in the amount of property being insured, it was noted.

Council then approved a bid from Central Bank of Sedalia for the City's Primary Depository and for authorizing secondary deposits in Equity Bank.

A six-member panel reviewed the two bids received from Central and Equity, with Central narrowly edging out Equity.

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Council then approved placing the City of Sedalia's logo on the water tower, located between West 12th and West 16th Street. The project was spearheaded by the Sedalia Lions Club. The club promised to raise half of the money needed, or $40,000. The City will be responsible for the other $40,000.  First Ward Councilman Jack Robinson cast the lone no vote.

Under Public Works, Council approved a $49,800 increase in cost for improvements to the Central Plant's Aeration system. This will be task order #8, and concerns turbo-style blowers, which require a building enclosure to protect them from the elements. The design of the building was not in the original scope of the design contract with Burns and McDonnell.

Council passed an ordinance authorizing an agreement with the Missouri Department of Conservation for the continuation of the Community Assistance Program at Spring Fork Lake.

The Public Works Board is no longer the agent for the City, so the agreement is between the Department of Conservation and the City.

City Administrator Shaw noted that 650 responses were received concerning the Spring Fork Lake survey,

He said that 58 percent of the respondents were from Sedalia. 92 of the respondents want Sedalia to retain ownership of the lake. 70 percent suggested a user fee.

Council accepted two permanent sewer easements for the Curry Drive Sewer Extension.

Council approved the purchase of a used dump truck at a cost of $130,000 from R & B Trucking. The truck will have four axles, it was noted.

Council approved a $75,000 increase in the City's budget to pay for the hauling of excess sludge by Central WWTP. The deal also includes drying beds.

Council granted a utility easement to Liberty Utilities for a Nucor project.

The City received a proposal from Liberty Utilities (Midstates Natural Gas) Corporation to grant them a permanent easement and right-of-way across property under a "Chapter 100" development agreement with Nucor Steel for an extension of a gas main line to a project north of Nucor.

Under Public Safety, Council passed an ordinance prohibiting telephone harassment of Public Safety Agencies when offenders call on a non-emergency line (administrative). Council heard from 911 Joint Communications Director Dannelle Lauder,

Council then approved the purchase of four bicycles for the Sedalia Police Department at a cost of $9,136. The bikes are totally funded by a grant through the Strategic Highway Safety Plan Program. Pettis County GIS Coordinator James Thiesen wrote the grant.

According to Police Chief Matt Wirt, two will be peddle bikes and two will be E-bikes.

Under Community Development, Council corrected the legal description of Deer Brook Villas, Phase 4.

Council then amended City Code by authorizing the Board of Appeals to issue orders to vacate dangerous buildings.

Council then amended City Code relating to the sizes of ground signs and monument signs.

Council passed a resolution waiving building permit fees for State Fair Community College for three projects.

Mayor Dawson, along with the Council said that the resolution “emphasizes SFCC's integral role in workforce development and highlights Sedalia's dedication to community growth, education and public safety."

The projects include: construction of a new Center For Advanced Agriculture and Transportation Technology Facility (estimated cost is $20M), construction of a new 200-bed residence hall (estimated cost is up to $20M), and construction of a new outdoor athletic complex (estimated cost is $10M).

City Administrator Shaw told KSIS after the meeting that the combined cost of the building permit fees amounted to around $130,000.

Five liquor licenses were renewed:

Phillip J. Sherman dba Dollar General #1316, 2500 W. Broadway, for packaged liquor, $150

Phillip J. Sherman dba Dollar General #3494, 713 E. Broadway, for packaged liquor, $150

Phillip J. Sherman dba Dollar General #2787, 2003 S. Limit, for packaged liquor, $150

Phillip J. Sherman dba Dollar General #2379, 619 N. Ohio, for packaged liquor, $150

Charles Wansing dba Chez When, 121 E. 3rd, Liquor by the Drink, $450

The meeting ended at 7:50 p.m., when the Council adjourned and went into closed-door session.

City Council August 21

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