This weekend Daylight Saving Time takes place. I think most look forward to daylight saving time when we fall back, a opposed to when we spring forward earlier in the year. I appreciate the extra sleep. However, I know easily how people get thrown off.  Here are some good rules of rules on advice from me on changing your clocks.

First off, I think it's best to change your clocks back an hour before you go to bed on Saturday, Nov. 2, and then you don't have to worry about things so much. It seems that a lot of people think digital clocks change on their own. This may not be the case, so double check your clocks on laptops, computers, weather radios and your alarm clock.

I did not set my clock back once and ended up in church an hour earlier than normal. I guess that's not so bad to tell the Lord that you spent more time with him. It also makes for a funny story if others did not change the clock and maybe you can start services early and get done earlier too, but that kind of defeats the purpose or making time for the Lord.

One thing that does stink about the time change is now the sunrise will happen earlier and it also gets dark earlier. That always throws me off schedule for the first week or two after the hour change. I am left to wonder how much energy is burned, having to leave lights on longer, but it's probably minimal at best.

Another thing that confuses me is that daylight savings is not even done universally do different countries, may turn the clocks back another day or time.

One thing is for sure; at 2 a.m. on Sunday, Nov. 3, the clocks need to turn back one hour in Missouri. So remember to do that, and also check your smoke alarms around the house and change those batteries.

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