State Fair Community College’s COVID-19 Response Team met in April to develop and approve new protocols for operations, with positive cases declining and vaccine availability increasing. All actions are subject to change based on input from local, state and federal health departments and the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Effective immediately, external vendors are no longer required to be admitted through the college’s Facilities Management office before visiting campus or making deliveries. Meeting and conference rooms are now open for public use. The college’s COVID-19 dashboard on the website has been discontinued and the web page repurposed for campus and community health information.

Effective June 1, masks will be recommended but not required for students, employees and visitors at all SFCC campuses. In some classroom settings, face coverings may be required depending on the areas of study and should be worn with administration’s approval.

Offices and services will resume normal operations, and employees will return to on-campus work. SFCC will cease required COVID-19 reporting by students and employees; however, all are strongly encouraged to self-monitor and stay home when ill or experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.

The Fred E. Davis Multipurpose Center will reopen the walking track to the public from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday, but these hours are subject to change. Questions about the indoor track should be directed to the Davis Center office at (660) 530-5808.

Effective Aug. 1, classrooms and the Parkhurst Student Commons will return to pre-COVID-19 configurations. Public benches and other campus seating across campuses will be returned.

Students living in Residence Halls and apartments who are not vaccinated will be required to submit to testing and quarantined if tests are positive. Athletic programs will continue to follow National Junior College Athletic Association guidelines. Visit for more information regarding department specific hours or other operating procedures.

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