State Fair Community College (SFCC) hosted a career day Friday, Nov. 2, for select seniors from Whittier and Smith-Cotton high schools.

The career day exposed the students to a variety of technical programs at SFCC, including automotive technology, construction, robotics, computer networking, electro-mechanical technology, and welding.

The students learned practical applications in each of the areas of study, including job opportunities and salary expectations they might earn with certificate and degree completions in the respective disciplines.

“This was the best thing ever,” said Melissa Magaña, home school liaison with Whittier High School. “The faces on some of these kids just lit up when they realized that they could actually do these jobs.”

Many of the sessions featured hands-on training, such as completing circuitry in electro-mechanical technology and construction.

“A lot of these kids are first generation high school students, so even a one or two-year certificate is something many don’t see as obtainable,” said Magaña. “It’s not until they actually hold that hammer and use it, or complete that circuit, that they even realize they are capable of building anything.”

In all, the students spent four hours touring the various technical programs at the college and concluded their visit with lunch and a presentation from the SFCC’s Admission and Outreach.

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