SFCC hosted its 5th annual Career and Technical Education (CTE) Signing Day at the Thompson Conference Center this morning, attended by dozens of future Roadrunners, their parents, staff and faculty.

The High School graduates signed letters of intent to take part in one of 16 CTE programs offered by SFCC.

Dean of Student Services Autumn Porter said that invitations were sent out to students in all 14 counties that State Fair services and was very pleased with the turnout.

She noted that it was nice to have a Signing Day in person after the pandemic forced it to be an online event for a couple of years.

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Students grouped according to their chosen field of study signed letters of intent at tables placed on stage in front of a couple of hundred onlookers. SFCC faculty stood behind them as they signed and tried on their Roadrunner ball caps for the first time.

Ebanie Shaw won a Skilled Trades - 3M Transformational $1,000 scholarship, one of 50 presented across the nation on Signing Day. The scholarship was given by 3M's Safety and Industrial Business Group and the National Coalition of Certification Centers.

SFCC's first day of the 2023-24 academic year begins Monday, Aug. 21.

CTE Signing Day

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