State Fair Community College Athletic Director Darren Pannier will represent Region 16 on the newly created National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) Board of Regents.

All 24 NJCAA regions will have one representative on the board.

“Dr. Christopher Parker, who is the new Executive Director for the NJCAA, saw value in restructuring the governance of the organization,” said Pannier. “I believe that he wants to make sure that all of the voices from each region will be heard. Now the Board of Regents members will attend all of the Executive Directors’ meetings, and I am honored to be selected to represent Region 16.”

Because of his new position, Pannier will no longer serve as the Women’s Region 16 Director. He will be replaced by Dr. Angela Totty, athletic director at Missouri State University - West Plains.

Pannier will attend meetings in July to learn more about his responsibilities on the board. The group will have one conference call per month and meet face-to-face twice a year. He has one key purpose in mind for his new position.

“I want to do whatever is best for the student-athlete,” said Pannier. “It’s not what’s best for our athletic program or for Region 16. It’s about what’s best for all student-athletes across the country. I’m hoping that I can be a voice for student-athletes along with the other 23 members. I want to thank all the other athletic directors in Region 16 for allowing me to serve on the Board of Regents.”

--David Rohrbach, SFCC Athletics

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