Two badge pinnings by the Sedalia Fire Department led off Tuesday night's City Council meeting on 2/22/22.

Firefighters Nathaniel Nevels and Cameron Smith were presented with their SFD badges by Chief Matt Irwin.

During his comments, Chief Irwin stated that Nevels worked for the SFD for about 10 years, then left to become a firefighter for Springfield. Nevels was also an Air Force firefighter who was deployed overseas. He has since returned to the SFD, “and we more than happy that he came back to us,” Irwin said. Nevels was pinned by his wife Stephanie.

Smith was previously a firefighter on the east coast as well as in Warrensburg before coming to Sedalia. Smith was pinned by his daughter Lexie.

After the pinning was complete, Mayor Kehde asked how long it normally takes for a firefighter to go through the probationary period and receive their badge.

“Depending on the skill set of the individual, these two gentlemen moved very quickly through the probationary period,” Chief Irwin said, adding that it normally takes about six months for the average firefighter to go through a thick probationary packet. Each skill must be demonstrated in front of Chief Irwin or Deputy Chief Daniel Shaw before each box is checked.

“It's not something where they say, 'Hey I know how to do that,'” Irwin said, “it actually has to be done. So it does take a significant amount of time and energy to do it.”

Nevels and Smith had already achieved their Firefighter I and II rating as well as EMT designation when they arrived at SFD headquarters, Chief Irwin noted.

Two presentations followed, including one on the budget by City Administrator Kelvin Shaw and one on finance by Director Dawn Jennings.

That was followed by a 10-minute pitch from Megan Hartman and Ivy Reynolds of Callis and Associates concerning a proposal to handle the City's social media presence, public relations, branding and marketing at a cost of $150,000 for one option, and $75,000 for a smaller option.

Council then approved the purchase of Microsoft Exchange 2019 email software from the Shi International Corporation for $16,180.98. This will replace the 2010 software that was being used, which is no longer supported by Microsoft.

Council approved a one-year contract renewal of desktop and server “anti-virus” Sophos software from Blue Tree technology at a cost of $7,275.45.

Finance Director Dawn Jennings recommended adding language to make it clear what a budget adjustment is, along with the approval process. This is part of an annual review of financial management policies for the City. The action taken by the Council repeals Ordinance 11341.

Council approved an ordinance amendment concerning an extension of a worker offender contract with the Tipton Correctional Center. The change in the work release program contract was requested by the Department of Corrections to clarify that the agreement is to provide “up to” 15 workers per day, that was inadvertently left out of the previous ordinance.

Under Public Safety, Council agreed to purchase “e-ticketing” software for Code Enforcement and Animal Services at a cost of $10,931.50 for Code Enforcement and $10,895.50 for Animal Services. There is also an on-going, annual fee of $2,578. The Brazos Solution software is being purchased through Tyler Technologies.

Council approved eight weeks of training for the City's newest K9 with Boone County Sheriff's Office for Officer John Hammond and Rocky. There will be 40 eight-hour training sessions at a cost of $3,600 ($90 per session).

Under Public Works, Council approved increasing two line items in the budget for the Sanitation Department to cover unanticipated equipment repairs, along with increases in rates at the landfill. The increase will cost a total of $56,406.40.

The DNR requires evaluation reports as part of the permitting process relating to sewer systems. Compliance requires that the City establish limits on industrial contributors to share in the local discharge limitations. The limitations will now be codified.

Council approved four one-year contract extensions with Alliance Water Resources, Inc., to provide technical oversight and management of the City's sewer systems. The compensation amounts to $18,198 per month, which represents a 2.1 percent increase.

Council approved a recommendation from Citizen's Traffic and Advisory Committee to establish a stop sign on Mitchell Road at 10th Street, where recent development has necessitated traffic control.

Under Community Development, Council authorized the City to apply for a $5,000 grant which requires matching funds to be eligible for American Rescue Plan Act funding. The grant is through the Marketing Heritage and Cultural Tourism in Rural Missouri.

The money will be used for an art mural to be created for the alleyway between 209 and 211 South Ohio. The hope is that the mural will attract tourists and residents to the area. City Planner and Downtown Specialist Joleigh Cornine came up with the idea. This is part of a strategic plan to transform Sedalia's downtown alleyways.

And a presentation by Shaw was made to Council to consider a potential offer to the organizers of the Mercy Rest Stop for an “alternate location” that incorporates a “slightly different service model.”

Organizers had hoped to locate Mercy Rest Stop at 417 West Pettis.

Council approved one new liquor license, including Liz Van Leer dba Sacred Heart Foundation, 416 W. 3rd, for a picnic license for $37.50 for an annual trivia night fund-raiser.

Council approved two liquor license renewals, including Scott Hewett dba Colton's Steakhouse and Grill, 4101 W. Broadway, for liquor by the drink and Sunday Sales, $750, and Christopher Robinson dba Osage Gun & Pawn, 116 W. Main, for packaged liquor, $150.

Council then adjourned to closed-door session for legal advice and Real Estate matters.

Council will meet again Monday at 6:30 p.m. for a budget work session. March 31 is the deadline to pass the new budget, and more work sessions may be scheduled if needed, it was noted.

In the top photo: Lexie Smith helped pin a Sedalia Fire Department badge on her father, Cameron Smith, at the start of Tuesday night's City Council meeting. Firefighter Smith and Firefighter Nathaniel Nevels both received their badges and were congratulated by Fire Chief Matt Irwin.

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