Monday night's City Council meeting began with a slew of awards presented to City employees:

Service awards went to Judith Poole, Sedalia Public Library (tech service) 35 years  (not present); Christopher Ballance, Community Development (code enforcement officer) 10 years.

Sedalia Fire Department Chief Matt Irwin held a badge pinning ceremony for:

Firefighters Taylor Guseman, Caimon Kufahl and Miles Adams, who are new to the department. They were pinned significant others.

Driver-engineers Joseph Arnold, Cody Reynolds (not present), Alex Razumovsky and Joseph Parnell were promoted.

Council then adopted a revised drug & alcohol policy with the assistance and direction of Shannon Ramey-Trull, human resources director, under Finance and Administration.

The updates affect four sections of City Code:

a) Policies relating to the possession and use of marijuana to align city policy with a recently-passed Missouri Constitutional amendment, while still balancing them with the Federal grant requirements that must be adhered to

b) The drug and alcohol testing policies are updated to allow for additional means of testing, to include saliva swab testing, which will greatly reduce the cost of lost work time to perform routine tests

c) Updates to the applicability of the random drug & alcohol testing policies

d) Reduction in the time lapse required between a failed drug test and the opportunity to reapply for employment. This policy is in recognition of the abnormally tight labor market, it was noted.

The City's Legal Council vetted and approved each update.

Also under Finance and Administration, Trull requested (after conferring with the Safety Committee), the purchase of a system from Lynx that provides City employees direct access to the SPD through a dedicated radio at a cost of $25,821.70, plus an annual support fee of $5,775.

The system will allow employees to silently contact police in case of violence at the office or in the field. The system also allows for push notifications in emergency situations.

Council already budgeted $6,998.41 for an employee assistance program. However, staff found a way to provide this program at no additional cost if they go through a health benefit provider.

Staff recommended reallocating funds for the project, and in addition, add $18,823.29 to the budget appropriation.

Also under Finance and Administration, Council approved the purchase of NinjaOne cloud-based software at a cost of $12,636 for inventory support software and $10,139.82 for a network-attached storage device.

The City applied for and was awarded a $15,000 grant through the State Homeland Security Program, which will pay for the NinjaOne software for the first two years.

Council approved a request from Craft Beer Cellar for waiver of the City's open container law for a Wings For Wags event to be held downtown September 23.

Under Public Works, Council approved an additional $97,500 for the purchase of equipment dedicated to the Water Pollution Control Enterprise Fund. Staff has recommended adding another truck for sludge hauling.

Council approved a request from BTI Contracting, LLC, to hook up to City water and sewer at 1760 Murphy Lane. The property will be annexed as part of the deal.

Under Public Safety, staff recommended authorizing the SPD to apply for a $14,274 Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) to enhance the operation of the SPD and the Pettis County Sheriff's Office. SPD coordinates with the SO to determine which projects to seek funding.

Under Community Development, Council approved a rezoning request for 105 South Limit and 1712 Liberty Park Blvd., to change from R-1 to C-3. The reason is that the property is currently R-1 and cannot be used for overflow parking by the Heckart Center unless it is rezoned C-1.

Council also approved a rezoning request from Delong's (Jeff City) for 1609 East Harvey and 1701 East Harvey changing from R-1 to M-2.

The City received a rezoning application from Pettis County, owners of the property, on behalf of CASA, who wants to develop portions of two lots at 200 East Clay and 215 East Henry. An emergency storm shelter is located at 200 East Clay, and is partially in the flood zone. 215 East Henry is a vacant lot and the majority of it is in the FEMA flood zone. The County has plans to lease portions of the property to CASA to construct offices and emergency temporary housing to be located on top of the storm shelter. The rezoning request asks that it be changed from R-1 to R-3.

Council denied a rezoning request for 2101 South Marvin, 2201 South Marvin and 2211 South Marvin, changing from R-1 to C-1. The property covers about 15 acres (located east of SMS) and was requested by Countryview Properties, LLC, Hughesville.

Council voted that request down, seven no and one absent (Councilman Cross).

Mayor Pro Tem Rhiannon Foster presided over Monday night's meeting, in the absence of Mayor Andrew Dawson.

Mayor Dawson appointed Jennifer Boatright to the Animal Advisory Board, completing Dana Gillig's term expiring June of 2024; and Ian Shoemaker to the Planning & Zoning Commission, completing Connie McLaughlin's term expiring June of 2026.

Council approved two new liquor licenses, including Brad Wikstrom dba Craft Beer Cellar, 700 South Ohio, for a special event “Wings For Wags” from 4 to 8 p.m. Sept. 23, $15; and Kristy Long dba Wildlife Ridge Winery, 34751 Miller Road, for a special event “The Sedalia Area Chamber of Commerce Piccadily Gala, scheduled for Sept. 28, $15.

Seven renewals were approved, including:

*Chancey Sherman dba Chance's R, LLC, 303 South Lamine, for liquor by the drink and Sunday sales, $750.

*Eric Brown dba Buffalo Wild Wings, 4401 Wisconsin Ave., for liquor by the drink and Sunday sales, $750

*Doug Benitz dba Liberty Center Association for the Arts, 11 W. 5th, for liquor by the drink, $450

*Tiffany Vanalstine dba Casey's General Store #1063, 1909 West Main, for packaged liquor and Sunday sales, $450

*Andres Amezcua dba Casey's General Store #1052, 716 W. 16th, for packaged liquor and Sunday sales, $450

*Ruby Larsen dba Casey's General Store #2347, 1601 East Brodway, for packaged liquor and Sunday sales, $450

*Lisa Sousley dba Casey's General Store #1601, 3500 W. 16th, for packaged liquor and Sunday sales, $450

Under Miscellaneous, City Administrator Kelvin Shaw noted that over 600 responses have been received from citizens regarding a Spring Fork Lake survey. The survey will be available for one more week on the City's website.

Some City Council members and City officials will participate in the opening day parade of the 2023 Missouri State Fair. Also volunteers are needed to staff the City's booth during the 11-day Fair.

Under Good & Welfare, Caylan Crabtree, who lives at the Stone Creek Apartments and is fairly new to Sedalia, said he was concerned about the lack of sidewalks on Clarendon Road between 32nd and the college.

Council then adjourned to closed-door session. City Council meets again Aug. 21. The public is invited to attend.

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