Sedalia Fire responded to 319 North Prospect for two structure fires over the past 24 hours.
According to a facebook post:

Unfortunately a number of animals were lost in this fire. 1 firefighter had a minor injury and was seen and released from the ER this morning. Occupants of the residence were treated by PCAD on scene with no reports of significant injury.

The first fire was in the 1800 block of South Prospect. Call came in at 10:08 a.m., Sunday, with the first arriving truck at 10:12 a.m. First arriving truck advised heavy smoke coming from throughout the residence.

Fire crews conducted a primary search of the home while also beginning an aggressive interior fire attack . the fire was brought under control quickly and was declared out at 10:37 a.m. There is heavy fire, smoke, and water damage throughout the attic and back porch of the residence. This fire was reported by the home owner.

Cause of the fire is undetermined, origin of the fire was on the back porch in an area used for smoking. This has been ruled an accidental fire.

No injuries were reported to occupants or fire personnel. No issues with weather.   Damage is estimated at 25% of the home.

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The second fire was in the 300 block of North Prospect. Fire was called in by the resident at 1:48:32 a.m. Monday, with the first arriving truck at 1:53:21 a.m. Heavy fire and smoke was coming from the north side of the residence. A search of the residence was completed as well as an aggressive interior fire attack.

Due to the older construction of this residence, fire quickly reached the attic and wall spaces on the second floor. Heavy fire, smoke and water damage throughout the entire residence. Fire was declared out at 05:30 a.m.

Unfortunately a number of cats and dogs perished in this fire despite fire crews searching and trying to retrieve them. Resident stated that the fire started in his bedroom that was operating a space heater.

Due to structural damage and for the safety of investigators, the exact cause of the fire is undetermined due to safety concerns but the area of the fire’s origin was this bed room.  Residents were treated by PCAD ambulance on scene with no significant injury to the occupants. One fire fighter suffered a hand injury and was transported to Bothwell ER where he was treated and later released with only a minor injury.

Damage is estimated at more than 75% of the structure, according to Fire Chief Matt Irwin.

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