There are a lot of proposals that come and go in Jefferson City, and one that is gaining attention is one proposed by Missouri State Representative Delus Johnson, a Republican from St. Joseph. Johnson is proposing that Missouri should suspend the requirement of wearing a motorcycle helmet for bikers during the month of August.

This proposal is based on the fact that over 416,000 enthusiasts attended the Sturgis Festival in 2012, and Johnson would like to see more motorcyclists come through Missouri. It is believed that motorcyclists may be more likely to go through Illinois, where there is no helmet law, or Kansas, where the helmet law only applies to those age 17 and younger.

The question is, would this law truly help the economics in Missouri as Johnson believes it will, or will one or more motorcyclists who come through and have an accident have an injury, or worse yet, die?

Would you support a one month moratorium on motorcycle helmets, or do you want to continue to see motorcyclists wear them?

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