For some of us it's not that big of a deal having Halloween fall on different day each year. For others, it's worthy of trying to make a change to a permanent day and date every year.

What would you say if it Halloween was on the last Saturday of every night, every year? Would that make it easier for you to get the kid's out on Halloween, and not to worry about them being sugared up on a school night? How about for those parties that you want to attend but feeling it's just not the same having a Halloween party on a night other than on Halloween?

Is it bad that Halloween is always on October 31st no matter what?

According to an article on, there's a petition that's calling for Halloween to be on a floating date where it's always the last Saturday in October.

Number one, would you agree that this is a good idea, and number two, would you sign the petition to help make the change? More than 25,000 have decide they want the change by signing the petition.

In case you're wondering how did the last day of October become known as the date for Halloween, it goes back at least 2,000 years when it was an ancient Celtic festival called Samhain.

Scary faces of Halloween pumpkin isolated on black background


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