The 2017 Sedalia Motorcycle Association’s Show Me Bike Show was held Saturday, Feb. 4 at the Ag Building on the Missouri State Fairgrounds.

Randy Kirby
Randy Kirby

The following is a list of the winners in each category:

Class 1 – Sportster – 1st Mark & Stormey Allen, Sedalia, MO; 2nd Daniel Monath, Pleasant Hill, MO

Class 2 – Harley Rubber Mount Stock – 1st Larry Parker II, St Roberts, MO; 2nd Matt Long, Smithton, MO

Class 3 – Harley Softtail Stock – 1st Pete Robledo, Waynesville, MO; 2nd Aaron Vincent, Green Ridge, MO

Class 4 – Harley Cruiser Mild Custom – 1st Ron Mock, Sedalia, MO; 2nd Dana Griffith, Sedalia, MO; 3rd Mitch Caponetto, Oak Grove, MO

Class 5 – Sport Dresser Stock – 1st Barry Acord, Sedalia, MO; 2nd Dustin Tracy, Warrensburg, MO; 3rd Larry Koeller, Sedalia, MO; 4th Robb Cross, Cole Camp, MO

Class 6 – Sport Dresser Mild Custom – 1st Howard Booe, Jefferson City, MO; 2nd Klinginsmith Body Shop, Independence, MO; 3rd Clayton Goldsmith, Windsor, MO

Class 7 – Dresser Stock All Brands – 1st Dave Kehoe, Sedalia, MO; 2nd Smitty, Sedalia, MO

Class 8 – Dresser Mild Custom (All Brands) – 1st Toby Gray, Columbia, MO

Class 9 – Bobber – 1st John Luce, Springfield, MO; 2nd Travis Dowler, Sedalia, MO; Honorable Mention Wes Dunkin, Sedalia, MO

Class 10 – Metric & European – 1st Paul Oswald, Otterville, MO; 2nd Dena Matthews, Sedalia, MO

Class 11 – Sport Bike/V-Rod – 1st Jason Bias, Columbia, MO; 2nd Nicole Walsh, Warrensburg, MO

Class 12 – Lady Class – 1st Becky Heffern, Kearney, MO; 2nd Susie Koeller, Sedalia, MO; 3rd Julie Naylor, Sedalia, MO

Class 13 – Trike/Side Card – 1st Tim Wheeler, Sedalia, MO

Class 14 – Vintage 1990-1985/V-Twin – 1st Paul White, Sedalia, MO; 2nd Bobby Styles, Lake Ozark, MO; 3rd Chris & Jackson Davenport, Green Ridge, MO; Honorable Mention Jim Hayworth, Sedalia, MO

Class 15 – Vintage 1990-1985 – 1st Woody Simpson, Freeman, MO; 2nd Mark & Stormey Allen, Sedalia, MO; Honorable Mention Mark Allen, Sedalia, MO

Class 16 – Production Custom Harley CVO – 1st Chance Harris, Independence, MO; 2nd Dave Meads

Class 17 – Special Construction – 1st Park Denny, Sedalia, MO; 2nd Gavin Arnold, Malta Bend, MO; 3rd Zach Monath, Sedalia, MO; Honorable Mention Larry Brooks, Sedalia, MO

Class 19 – Rat Class – 1st Mike Green, Sedalia, MO; 2nd Dan Mahnken, Sedalia, MO

Best of Show – John Benscoter, Sedalia, MO

According to show organizer Rick Yeager, "The show went great. We had about 900 people come through general admission and over 70 bikes entered. It was a great show. And a full house of vendors."

Musical entertainment was provided by Tobacco Row and Morgan Highway.

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