Unseasonably warm temperatures greeted those attending the 2019 SMA Motorcycle Show held Saturday, Feb. 2 at the Ag Building on the Missouri State Fairgrounds.

Sedalia Motorcycle Association Treasurer Rick Yeager said he was very pleased with the turnout.

“It's just been amazingly wonderful. The weather has cooperated with us so much. This is the second largest crowd of motorcycles we've had at this show. The door attendance is record breaking,” Yeager noted, adding that it is designed to be a winter bike show.

“We like to have it in winter, because people are looking for something to do,” Yeager pointed out. “Bike shows in the summer are just another bike show, but this has been spectacular.”

The turn out of bikes and attendees was the best ever, Yeager said on Monday. "We had 77 paid entries and a line of people at the door most of the day. Each bike was judged by three judges and there were 19 classes for the entries to chose from and a best of show award created by one of our own SMA members, Kaleb Zink.

Yeager added that he regularly has out-of-state exhibitors from Illinois, Arkansas, Iowa and Kansas. And “we sell out of vendor space long before the show gets here,” Yeager said.

One exhibitor was Nappy Dreads Customz, featuring a work in progress -- a larger-than-life metal sculpture created by Don Luper and Lisa Robertson. The sculpture, located next to the stage, generated a lot of looks and interest.

Clay Clear and Jesse Niccum provided musical entertainment in the afternoon on stage, while the Back River Band presented a live concert at 6 p.m. until the awards were announced.

Judging in 19 classes took place earlier in the day, and the awards (from Stone Laser Imaging) were handed out at 8 p.m. Saturday.

The results are listed below:

2019 Sedalia Motorcycle Association’s Show Me Bike Show Results

Best of Show – Hellraiser’s Fabrication, Belton, MO

Class 1 – Sportster – 1st Jeff Luebbering, Sedalia, MO; 2nd Sheldon Harvey, LaMonte, MO; 3rd Austin Hensley, Green Ridge, MO

Class 2 – Harley Rubber Mount Stock – 1st Dennis Lewis, Sedalia, MO; 2nd Matt Long, Smithton, MO; 3rd JR DeGraffenreid, Oak Grove, MO

Class 3 – American Cruiser Stock – 1st Jesse Millsap, Sedalia, MO; 2nd Frank Rouchka, Sedalia, MO

Class 4 – American Cruiser Mild Custom – 1st Janie Shirk, Kansas City, KS; 2nd Brian Hudson, Windsor, MO; 3rd John Benscoter, Sedalia, MO

Class 5 – Sport Dresser Stock – 1st Brian Hudson, Windsor, MO; 2nd John Schwenk, Sedalia, MO; 3rd Aaron Vincent, Green Ridge, MO

Class 6 – Sport Dresser Mild Custom – 1st D. Jay Giles, Sedalia, MO; 2nd Hellraiser’s Fabrication, MO; 3rd Clayton Goldsmith, Windsor, MO

Class 7 – Dresser Stock All Brands – 1st Josh Anderson, Dixon, MO; 2nd Robert McCracken, Green Ridge, MO; 3rd Roger Baggs, Higginsville, MO

Class 8 – Radical Bagger – 1st Shannon Arnold, Marshall, MO

Class 9 – Custom Vintage – 1st Jim Hayworth, Sedalia, MO

Class 10 – Metric & European – 1st Bobby Karigan, Sedalia, MO; 2nd John Harper,Waynesville, MO; 3rd Matt Otten, Sedalia, MO

Class 11 – Sport Bike/V-Rod – 1st Joe Carr, Sedalia, MO; 2nd James Stetzenback, Green Ridge, MO

Class 12 – Chopper – 1st David Delbrosso, Jefferson City, MO; 2nd David Delbrosso, Jefferson City, MO; 3rd Ron Mock, Sedalia, MO; 4th Hellraiser’s Fabrication, Belton, MO

Class 13 – Trike/Side Card – 1st Jim Steves, Stockton, MO; 2nd Lonnie Blum, Holden, MO; 3rd Dave Kehoe, Sedalia,MO

Class 14 – Vintage 1990-1985 (500 cc & Larger) – 1st Herman Fortman, Pilot Grove, MO; 2nd Mark & Stormey Allen, Sedalia, MO

Class 15 – Vintage 1900-1990 (499 cc & Smaller) – 1st Paul Zink, Otterville, MO; 2nd Mark & Stormey Allen, Sedalia, MO; 3rd Mark & Stormey Allen, Sedalia, MO

Class 16 – Production Custom Harley CVO – 1st Sean Roberds, Independence, MO; 2nd Randy Brittain, Columbia, MO

Class 17 – Special Construction – 1st David Brown, Waynesville, MO

Class 18 – Rat – 1st Mike Green, Sedalia, MO

Class 19 – Off Road/Racer – 1st Park Denny, Sedalia, MO; Chad Fidler, Sedalia, MO

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