Simcote, Inc. is expanding its presence in the U.S. with a new manufacturing facility in Sedalia. The company made the announcement Wednesday.

Simcote is investing more than $17 million in the new facility and creating 35 new jobs in the region.

“Missouri’s manufacturing industry continues to grow due to companies like Simcote making the decision to come to our state,” said Governor Mike Parson, who was not in attendance. “From extensive workforce development programs to cutting red tape and lowering taxes, we have worked hard to make Missouri the best location for businesses to expand. Our efforts are paying off, and with Simcote’s plans to use local contractors to build this new facility, we will see even greater economic benefits for Sedalia and the surrounding region.”

Simcote specializes in epoxy-coated rebar and fabrication, as well as a full range of epoxy construction products. Since 1978, Simcote has fabricated and delivered more than one million tons of epoxy-coated rebar to projects across North America. The new facility in Sedalia will allow Simcote to expand the geographic area it services.

The company is based out of St. Paul, Minnesota and also owns a plant in Marion, Ohio.

“We are a family business that values our employees, customers, vendors, and the communities we operate in,” said Adam Simmet, President of Simcote. “When we explored locations that support our core values and assist in delivering the highest quality products to our customers, Sedalia became the obvious choice. We look forward to growing our business in this great community.”

The family-owned company has two other locations in the U.S., and this will be its first location in Missouri. Simcote selected Sedalia and Pettis County for multiple reasons, including its infrastructure, proximity to customers and skilled workforce. The new facility will include the latest in coating, fabrication, and safety technology, as well as position Simcote to be an industry leader in supplying sustainable infrastructure products.

“Sedalia is home to leading steel companies from across the world, and we are proud to welcome Simcote to our growing list of businesses in the steel industry,” said Sedalia Mayor Andrew Dawson, who was not at the event. “We are excited to add another reputable manufacturer to our community.”

First Ward Councilman Tom Oldham was the spokesman for the City of Sedalia Wednesday in Mayor Dawson's absence. (Mayor Pro Tem Tina Boggess attended the event, but did not speak publically at the podium).

"When a family chooses to move to our area, they have made the decision that their children will be raised here, they will work and spend their money here, they will enjoy our parks. They will go to our schools, they will attend our college. They may start their own business, and the roots that they planted here so many years ago help build a strong community," Oldham said.

“When a business chooses to build here, that choice ripples throughout our community. They employ our families, they sponsor our little leagues, they donate to our nonprofits. It even encourages other businesses to move here to utilize their own service or product. They ensure that the roots that had been planted here by those families get the support they need to continue being strong,” Oldham said. “So on behalf of the City of Sedalia, thank you Simcote for making the choice, for choosing to employ our families, to support our children, for building our strong community, so thank you for choosing Sedalia.”

“Simcote is exactly the type of company we want in Pettis County,” said David Dick, Pettis County Presiding Commissioner. “Our region is growing and we’re working hard to ensure our businesses have the workforce and support they need to be successful here.”

Simcote plans to begin construction on the new 67,000 square-foot facility soon – with operations beginning in Summer 2023 at 23337 Cedar Drive, just northeast of Nucor.

Pettis County contracted Capital Paving and Construction Company (based out of Columbia) to widen and replace Cedar Drive. The construction project began on Aug. 29 and includes all of Cedar Drive between Highway HH and Griessen Road.

This section of road will have very limited access in and out over through April, according to James Theisen, GIS & Grants Director for Pettis County.

The project also includes a section of Highway HH north of Cedar Drive.

“Missouri is seeing a significant amount of new investment from leading global companies,” said Subash Alias, CEO of Missouri Partnership. “Sedalia has a strong ecosystem of manufacturing and steel, so it’s a perfect fit for Simcote. We are confident Missouri will provide Simcote with exceptional talent, solid infrastructure, and a pro-business environment that will ensure they flourish here.”

Economic Development Sedalia-Pettis County worked with the following organizations to attract Simcote to Missouri, including: Missouri Partnership, Central Missouri Electric Cooperative, Liberty Utilities, City of Sedalia, Pettis County, and State Fair Community College.

“We could not be more excited to welcome Simcote to the great community of Sedalia, Pettis County and Missouri. As a great, family-owned company, they've chosen to grow here and improve their footprint across this entire United States. They have two locations currently, one in Minnesota and one in Ohio. This will be their first location in Missouri, the third plant that they'll be building from the ground up,” commented EDSPC Executive Director Jessica Craig.

“So they're going to transform a wonderful location into a state-of-the-art manufacturing operation, with 67,000 square feet, 35 new jobs, and great family-supporting wages for a great company,” Craig told KSIS after the ceremony.

Factors that came into play to help Simcote decide to build here involve proximity to their market and materials (Nucor), and being able to easily ship product out, Craig noted.

She added that the working cohesivenes and the work ethic of the community were also major factors, whether it concerns Sedalia, Pettis County, or the State of Missouri.

“People who are willing to roll up their sleeves, work hard, and really be proud of the things they make on a daily basis,” Craig said.

The Simcote announcement comes exactly one week after another major announcement from Impact Signs about their expansion plans to build a new $8 million facility at Thompson Meadows Industrial Park, and hire eight more employees.

Craig was asked about the momentum of economic development in Pettis County.

“I think the last couple of years, the pressures we've seen with the pandemic, I think (now) there's a lot more companies that want to make items domestically,” Craig explained. “And we're not seeing any of that slow down. Manufacturing continues to be on the rise, and we are positioned really well here in the Midwest, in the middle of Missouri, to see that growth. And so we are open for business. You can tell by our community leaders, our regional leaders and the State of Missouri that it's an environment where companies can thrive and succeed if we give them the reason to do so,” Craig told KSIS. “I see that trend coninuing, so stay tuned.”

EDSPC Board member Kyle Weymuth served as emcee for the event.

--In the top photo, SImcote President Adam Simmet speaks to over 100 people attending an economic development announcement held at the downtown Sedalia Furnell Pavilion on Wednesday afternoon.

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