The Scholastic Book Fair is being held at Skyline Elementary this week, and each time they host this event, they have a themed day for the public to come out and learn having fun as a family.

Science and technology was the theme of Thursday night (Mar. 7). Families were treated to pizza, a drink and cookie for just $2. There were two stations at Thursday nights event that families could enjoy. The Smith-Cotton robotics team, known as Team SCREAM, showcased a t-shirt shooter, robots and even held a race that students participated in.


The other station featured “Wacky Val the Science Gal,” who showed students how gravity works, how oil and water don’t mix, an exploding bag and a rocket made out of film canister. She blew up a balloon without using air and showed kids how to make invisible ink messages. After watching Wacky Val, kids were able to write their own invisible ink messages with lemon juice and water.

Wacky Val at Skyline Elementary Scholastic Book Fair

Students who attended both half-hour demonstrations were rewarded with a free book from the Scholastic Table. Lots of families bought more books for their homes and classroom. According to a few teachers, they thought there were was more turnout for this event then ever before.

At the end of the fair, the school is awarded either a percentage of the revenue or books and educational materials. In 2010-2011, Scholastic Book Fairs helped generate more than $175 million in fundraising for school projects and classroom materials.