S-C Powerlifting started off its season at the Basehor-Linwood Powerlifting meet on Feb. 3.  

Sedalia School District 200
Sedalia School District 200

Trevon Franklin placed second in his division in the squat with a 335-pound lift; he also finished eighth out of 25 in total pounds lifted in bench press, squat, and power/hang clean with a total of 675 pounds.

Tetyana Warsawski placed third in her division in the power clean with a 125-pound lift. Warsawski finished fourth out of 12 girls with 400 total pounds lifted.

Jinelle Caliston did well in the squat, finishing sixth in her division with a 175-pound squat. Abraham Fernando finished the day lifting 560 pounds which was 4.022 times his body weight.

Nate McFail accomplished a 210-pound clean on his way to 635-pound total and 4.011 times his body weight. Joey Zaragoza also had a great squat on the day with a 270-pound lift.

Trent Johnson was the last S-C competitor and was in a very tough division. Trent ended up hurting a shoulder during the bench press competition, he still accomplished a 195-pound lift.

Coach Charlie McFail said: "The lifters did an excellent job competing in their first competition of the year, which happened to be the biggest competition in the Midwest.  I like where we started at and expect them to improve a lot over the season.”

In the photo: Smith-Cotton High’s Powerlifting team competed Saturday, Feb. 3, in the Basehor-Linwood Powerlifting meet. Competing were, front from left, Joey Zaragoza, Abraham Fernando and Trevon Franklin; back from left, Trent Johnson, Nate McFail, Jinelle Caliston and Tetyana Warsawski.

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