I was scanning Facebook and came across this gem, from the Missouri Cattlemen's Association. Mallory Early and Layne Robinson of Leeton, Mo., decided to put together a snow steer. It looks very similar to the butter cow that has been shown at the Missouri State Fair. The snow steer apparently took only three hours to put together.

The spring season started with a little snow. It's fun to put together a snowman, build a fort and have snowball fights. I love to drive along and see the creativity that people have. Once, when I lived in Vogelweh, Germany, the people living in the apartment I lived at, decided to put together as much snow as possible into a driveway and we built a real life car. That was fantastic. There was also another snow day where my dad and I put together a snow turtle. I redid that with my kids during Winter Storm Rocky.

Great job guys and a fantastic way to showcase their love of the farm life.