The Sedalia City Council met Tuesday night for the first time since a six-hour strategic planning meeting was held Jan. 6.

Session minutes from that meeting, as well as the previous regular Council meeting on Jan. 2 and a Citizen's Traffic Advisoory Commission meeting from Dec. 13, were accepted and approved.

The first ordinance Council approved Tuesday night was the waiver of the City's open container laws for a St. Patrick's Pub Crawl, scheduled for Saturday. March 16. The event is sponsored by the Sedalia Lions Club, and will run from 12 to 7 p.m., in downtown Sedalia.

The Lions Club is responsible for hiring off-duty law enforcement officers to provide security for the event. It should be noted that open containers of alcohol will only be permitted within the designated area and in a special plastic cup provided by the club. Participants must also be wearing a wristband indicating they are verified to be of legal age to consume alcohol.


The designated area was enlarged to encompass Backwoods Guitar at 2nd and Osage (See map).

Under Public Works, Council approved something that rarely happens – raising the speed limit on a City street.

The Citizen's Traffic Advisory Committee was requested to review the speed limit on Winchester Drive, from 10th Street to the southern City limits.

Google Earth
Google Earth

The Committee's study included average speeds and traffic counts in its review, and a vote to raise the speed limit from 25 mph to 30 mph was unanimously in favor. Staff concurred with the decision. Council approved the change Tuesday night.

Under Public Safety, the City's attorney firm conducted a comprehensive review of compliance with civil rights legislation and drafted changes in City policy which affect the ability to secure federal grant funding.

Sedalia Fire Chief Matt Irwin explained to Council that the changes have to do with the Assistance to Firefighters Grant that the SFD often applies for, and there are regulations concerning civil rights and Homeland Security.

"Parts of it are already in place," Chief Irwin said. "This covers the rest of it."

Staff recommended approval and Council concurred.

Five liquor licenses were renewed Tuesday night, including:

*Gloria Ayala dba El Espolon, 2400 South Limit, for liquor by the drink and Sunday sales, $750

Gloria Ayala dba Tacos Degollado, 813 Thompson Blvd., for liquor by the drink and Sunday sales, $750

Stacie Fitterer dba Fitter's 5th Street Pub, 500 South Ohio, for liquor by the drink and Sunday sales, $750

Lovell Curry dba The Den, 115 West Main, for liquor by the drink and Sunday sales, $750

Heather Trotter dba Walgreen's #7428, 801 South Limit, for liquor by the drink and Sunday sales, $750


Under miscellaneous, Council members thanked Sedalia Fire Department, Sedalia Police and the Sedalia Water Department for responding to water main breaks over the past few days due to the extreme cold temperatures. There have also been three house fires the SFD has responded to as well, the most recent one being an attic fire on North Woodlawn late Tuesday night.

First Ward Councilman Tom Oldham urged everyone to practice emergency preparedness and for entities to establish emergency funds.

Fourth Ward Councilman Steve Bloess thanked the warming shelter volunteers for their efforts. It should be noted that the warming shelter, located at 415 E, 4th, is now open 24 hours until the extreme cold temps return to normal in Sedalia.

Randy Kirby - Shaw
Randy Kirby - Shaw

City Administrator Kelvin Shaw thanked Council members for attending a six-hour strategic planning session Saturday, Jan. 6.

“Staff will now take your input and craft a budget for approval,” he noted.

Another final budget session is scheduled for Feb. 26. The session is open to the public.

Tuesday night's meeting spanned a total of 18 minutes.

Randy Kirby - Boggess
Randy Kirby - Boggess

Sedalia Public Works Director Chris Davies noted that between 200 and 300 responses have been received so far, concerning a survey that was sent to residents in the water bill last month.

In the top photo: First Ward Councilman Tom Oldham speaks to those attending Tuesday night's City Council meeting concerning recent water breaks in the community.

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