Our Central Bank of Sedalia Unsung Hero is back!Every month, we ask you to nominate a person here in town who's helping how they can to make other's lives better.  It doesn't have to be someone that's spending a lot of money, but someone that's just doing good things because they like to help others. That's definitely what our latest Unsung Hero, Viola Staten, is doing.

She's a hairdresser here in town, and has lived in Sedalia her whole life.  She has just started teaching at the American College of Hair Design.  She gives out about a hundred free haircuts to those who need them desperately every year. The schools will call her when someone needs some help. It's even become a kind of all purpose service, because they get rides to and from the salon where ever they are, at home or school.  Viola is also actively involved in raising school supplies and backpacks for kids who need them at the start of every school year, and shovels snow for her neighbors.

Here's what her nominator, Trish Balance,  had to say about Viola.

Viola is very selfless and does not get the recognition she deserves for the good deeds that she does for our community. She does what she can to help any and everyone that she comes in contact with. She puts other's needs before her own, and loves teaching anyone who wants to learn about hair. She works long, countless hours doing what she loves for our community. She reminds me of State Farm, like a good neighbor, Viola is there.

Viola got a good kick out of that from her nominator.  She's grateful to help others and wants to keep doing as much good as she can.  Here's our reporter Randy Kirby's talk with Viola about the volunteering she does in town.

Thank you to Viola for all she does for Sedalia, and all she's going to keep doing.  If you have someone you'd like to nominate to be our next Unsung Hero, you can find the form here.

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