Five TV Shows That Should Take Place in Sedalia
I asked our listeners: if they could be a guest star on any TV show, what show would it be? I got some good responses, and some of the popular answers were Dukes of Hazzard, Sons of Anarchy, Friends and The Walking Dead. Which got me thinking that Walking Dead would be perfect if it took place in Se…
Do You Go Without Traditional Broadcast TV? [POLL]
So we all know technology changes constantly. What might have been a commonly used every day item could be gone in a second (pagers, anyone?). Telephone landlines are on a steep decline with the rise of cell phones, and I think TV could be headed in that direction as well.
‘Star Wars’ May Also Be Heading to Television
With George Lucas out of Lucasfilm, a number of big changes have already happened. They're developing 'Star Wars Episode 7,' and it looks like a long promised spin-off may be coming out of the mothballs. No, not another Ewok adventure, but the long rumored live-action 'Star Wars&…
Remembering Huell Howser, California TV Legend
For those outside the state of California, Huell Howser, who passed away late Sunday night, might be something of a mystery. There's a chance you saw him on 'Tracy Takes On ... Hollywood,' or heard his voice on an episode of 'The Simpsons.' Southern Californians, however, are surely familiar with hi…

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