There have been so many changes in the lineup of TV show hosts over the last few years.  Of course there was the big Late Night shake up with Leno and Conan, but there were quite a few others, too. David Letterman is leaving and Stephen Colbert is coming in,  Jay Leno left and Jimmy Fallon took over, Regis Philbin retired and Michael Strahan took over, and now Barbara Walters is leaving.  But then, others are going, too - Craig Ferguson and Chelsea Handler are planning exits, too.  While some replacements I really enjoy - like Jimmy Fallon - some I will always miss, like Regis.  He was just cantankerous and eccentric enough in his humor, while also relating to everyday folks.  But, above them all - there is one TV show host I will always, always miss.  This guy not only wanted the best for each and every child in the entire world, but he fought for them, too.  That guy was Fred Rogers.   Every now and then, when I need a little reminder that good people are in the world, I watch this clip.  It's a little long, but it's worth it.  This is a clip from a congressional hearing back in the late sixties, where Rogers defended his show and PBS.

After all, if Mister Rogers said we were worth it, we must have been.  So will you tell me about who you miss on television?  Who will you miss, or who is already gone that you miss?

Hostingly yours,