One industrious Detroit teen decided to make his love of vinyl his profession by starting his own record label, Jett Plastic Recordings.

Jarrett Koral is the founder of the label -- although his mom is technically president of Jett Plastic, since Koral is only 16 and, thus, not old enough to helm his own business. His interest in the record business began early, as Koral’s uncle is the owner of Melodies and Memories, a record store in Eastpointe, Michigan. Now, the teen juggles being a junior in high school while running his own label.

“I’m not really making a ton of money with it, but it’s cool and I have something to show for it,” Koral said in an interview with Click On Detroit.

In fact, he had to sacrifice some of his own collection to get his label underway.

“I sold records from my own collection to gain some money for pressing, since pressing a record’s around $2,000,” he added.

Koral enlists two record pressings – one in Detroit and one in Ohio – to manufacture his records. And they’re not run-of-the-mill vinyl, either. One of his records, when the vinyl is placed on top of the sleeve, acts as a decoder, revealing song lyrics.

So far, Koral has pressed records for 12 artists, including none other than the Pizza Underground. (Yeah, that’s the Velvet Underground tribute band starring Macaulay Culkin on the kazoo that substitutes the iconic Lou Reed-fronted band’s lyrics with odes to pizza.)

In all, Koral believes his label is well worth the hard work, saying, “It’s really difficult to put out a record and it takes a lot of work, but it’s more so fun and it’s really rewarding.”

Watch Koral's full interview in the video above.

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