By now you've probably heard the Choco Taco has been canceled. It's kaput. Done. Over. If it's not on your grocery store shelves it probably will never be again. The question I have is, do most of us care?

I won't miss it. The Choco Taco isn't a bad ice cream treat, but, aside from the first time I've had one, I can taste the disappointment. The vanilla ice cream just never tasted all that good to me with the chocolate topping and the waffle cone-like taco shell they put it in. I think the issue for me is the waffle-like cone.

I tend to associate it with those stroopwafel cookie things. Sometimes they taste good to me, other times they don't. Which is kind of the same experience I've had eating the Choco Taco. My point is, that there are plenty of other kinds of novelty ice cream treats I enjoy more. For example Klondike's signature treat, the Klondike Bar. I also like the classics like Good Humor's Chocolate Eclair or the hard-to-find Toasted Almond bars.

The question I have is, was there some love affair the world was having with Choco Tacos I didn't know about? No one I know has ever suggested we go out and get Choco Tacos. Or serve them at a party. I've done DQ runs, I've brought in Blue Bell, we've had those little ice cream cups with the swirl on top, we've taste-tested exotic ice cream flavors I could go on and on. However, Choco Taco was never on the list of that must-have ice cream.

It makes me think some news producer or some reporter somewhere has an affection for the Choco Taco, wrote a story about it, and the next thing you know the story's blown up and you can't escape it. Klondike's even addressed the treat's demise on their website essentially blaming supply chain issues on forcing a shrinkage of their product line so what they do offer is always available in stores.

If you can't find Taco Choco in stores I saw a Choco Taco listed on eBay for $1,000.00. The good news, if you want to remember Choco Taco, there are plenty of novelty items, toys, and ice cream truck/cart stickers that are much more reasonably priced.

So yeah, the demise of Choco Tacos doesn't bother me and I'd bet won't bother most once the stories go away. What are your thoughts on the Choco Taco, are you going to miss it?

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