Over the weekend I had a chance to visit Silver Dollar City. The last time I was at Silver Dollar City, or anywhere in Branson for that matter, was a long time ago. I think I was still in middle school. It was well over twenty years ago. Some attractions were pretty much the same as I remembered them, but there were a lot of rides that I had never been on. So I took my 13-year-old niece and her friend, and we rode them. All of them. Yep, even that new spinning roller coaster. Here's how I would rank the roller coasters at Silver Dollar City.

No. 5 - Thunderation

Thunderation is fun, but it's one of those roller coasters that is barely a roller coaster. It is almost a ride for kids. My grandma rode Thunderation with us when I was a kid.

Travel up to 48 miles per hour as you rumble through the treetops on a runaway mine train!

No. 4 - Powder Keg

Most roller coasters ratchet the cars up a hill, and then drop the riders. Powder Keg is one of those coasters that chooses not to do this. Instead, riders get propelled into the ride in a sudden burst of speed.

Launch from 0 to 53 miles per hour in just 2.8 seconds, then soar through the trees on more than 3,500 feet of track!

No. 3 - Time Traveler

Time Traveler is the newest coaster at Silver Dollar City, and its the ride we waiting the longest to get on. Because the car is spinning, you don't always see what is coming next, which I thought was the coolest part of the ride. Don't get me wrong, it was a lot of fun, but it was not my No. 1 coaster in the park.

Prepare to embark on the ride of a century! The World's Fastest, Steepest & Tallest Spinning Coaster defies the laws of gravity, breaks speed barriers and makes history.

No. 2 - Wildfire

Wildfire was the roller coaster that terrified me the most, but it was great! The amazing thing with Wildfire is that as you're being pulled up the incline, you realize that you are already way high up, because you're on top of a mountain. And then you drop. Awesome!

Traveling at speeds up to 66 miles per hour, WildFire features a vertical drop of 15 stories followed by five inversions. Get ready to fly!

No. 1 - Outlaw Run

To be honest, it was hard to pick between Wildfire and Outlaw Run for my No. 1 spot, but I'm going with Outlaw Run. It's a very unique roller coaster. The guy I was next to told me that it was unlike any roller coaster he'd ever been on, and I thought that was a good way to put it. It had a lot of classic roller coaster features, but also a number of unexpected twists and turns. It's also crazy fast.

One of the world's fastest wood roller coasters, Outlaw Run reaches a top speed of 68 miles per hour and sends riders upside down three times — including a 720-degree double barrel roll!

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