The Sedalia City Council recently decided to uphold the smoking ban, which is necessary to protect the welfare of the public's health. The rights of the non-smoker have been up in flames until recently. Since Sedalia has eliminated smoking in public places, they should also eliminate other things in this town to make it more healthy for us all.

Sedalia is littered with fast food restaurants. When you travel up and down 65 HWY (South Limit), you have your choice of ten fast food restaurants. The choices of greasy fries, hamburgers, tacos, shakes, cookies, corn dogs, ice cream, etc. are all bad for your health. Sedalia is making a conscious effort to make the city more healthy, so they should also put a ban on fast food.

Let's not forget when you go to a fast food restaurant you can get a large sugary calorie filled soda for only $1. It's loaded with sugar, acid and stuff you can't pronounce. Hell, it can even take off your car battery corrosion. Grab one of those and a new "box" meal from your America's favorite fast food establishment and your going to eat 3,000 calories in one meal. Better ban the sodas too.

We should also ban the things that get you to those fast food restaurants: vehicles. Vehicles are unsafe. Let's face it, there are vehicle accidents everyday. You are basically in a metal box traveling at speeds up to 80 mph on a daily basis. Not to mention the people who travel with things sticking out there windows, truck beds, or even trailers. They even pollute the air that we breath, and that's not healthy. Cell phones have made driving even more dangerous. On my daily commute to work, I see at least three people texting on there phone while driving on 50 HWY, so let's ban cell phones too!

Speaking of unsafe, sports are way too risky. They can lead to lifelong injuries and even worse, brain trauma. Football is the poster child for brain injuries. We should ban football from the youth level all the way through high school. Every sport is unsafe, let's ban sports!

I hope you have caught on by now. Everything is unsafe in some sort of way. If people decide to stuff their face with burgers, fries, and a shake everyday, that is there choice. If people decide to drive fast and text, they are breaking the law, they could injure others, but they make that decision. If you don't like a bar or restaurant because people smoke in it, you don't have to go to it. I'm not pointing any fingers, but a lot of the people who are behind this smoking ban are probably not the healthiest individuals.

I am a non-smoker, fast food eating, fast driving, sports loving individual. We can all make our own decisions.

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