A couple of years ago I had an opportunity to particpate in a citizens police acadamy in the town I lived in. As a younger man I had never given any serious consideration to a career as a police officer. I'm here to tell you if you're a younger man or woman looking for a career that lets you help people, protect people, severe your community and occasionally feeds your need for adreniline, the Sedalia Police Department may have a job for you.

After experiencing the citizens police acadamy, it's a career I wish I had given more serious thought to. I found the science of police work interesting. The different paths of growth one has available to them to be exciting. And there's a comradery, a brother and sister hood one doesn't find in many other careers.

The job itself is very stressful. As my police officer friend Steve told me once, "your head has to be on a swivel at all times." Nothing is routine, not even a traffic stop. And one of a police officer's every day goals is to make it through the day and go home to his or her family. So it's not a career for everyone.

If you want to learn more about becoming a police officer I'd urge you to drop by the Sedalia Police Department's pre-recruit testing open house on Monday June 17 from 6:30 - 8:30PM CT. You'll have a chance to meet Chief Wirt, the staff, ask questions and learn what it takes to become one of Sedalia's finest.

You can learn more about the open house, qualifcations for the job, and testing here.


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