The City of Sedalia agreed to allow Union Pacific to close three railroad pedestrian crossings Monday night.

The pedestrian crossings in question are located at Quincy, Prospect and Lamine.

The closures are being done in the name of safety, explained Councilwoman Megan Page, co-chair of the Public Works Committee.

City Counselor Anne Gardner explained that the closure of the pedestrian crossings is the final step in a procedure that began in November of 2018 when the vehicle crossings were closed at those same locations.

The decision was arguably made a little easier by the fact that Union Pacific Railroad Company will give the City of Sedalia $75,000 in return for the pedestrian closures. In addition, the railroad said, there is a much safer crossing one block away from each of the location in question.

City Council voted unanimously in favor of the closures.

Randy Kirby
Randy Kirby

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