I don't know, but there's got to be a better way to sign up to get vaccinated than how Johnson County Community Health Services is doing it.

For the first vaccination clinic, Johnson County Community Health Services sent out an email to those who had taken their COVID-19 survey. I saw it about 20 minutes after it arrived in my in box. By the time I clicked my way to the vaccine sign up page all the slots were gone.

JCCHS they tried something different with sign ups yesterday. I got an alert with a link from Johnson County Emergency Management Agency's RAVE alert system telling me I could sign up for COVID vaccination clinic on Friday. Easy, right? Click the link, sign up, and I'm good to go. Yeah, not so much.

In the time it took me to click the link, have the web page open, pause to answer a question for my boss, fill the information out and submit it. All the slots were gone. Just gone. They were available when I started, but gone three minutes later?

Yeah, it's damn annoying to go through the hoops of signing up for a supposed clinic slot and then get told that no slots remain.

I, like others who took the COVID-19 survey from JCCHS, originally thought that survey would get you slotted into a COVID-19 vaccine clinic JCCHS was holding. Not just get me emails and alters with sign up links.

That seems to be how Pettis County Health Center is doing it. Preregister and they'll slot you in for an appointment at one of their vaccine clinics. Western Missouri Medical Center seems to be having people register for their clinics too.

Of course that's not an easy task for overwhelmed health agencies like Pettis County Health Center or JCCHS. There's only so many employees. And so many hours in the day. And they're still dealing with people contracting COVID-19. So I get why JCCHS might not want to try it that way.

How about 24 Hour COVID vaccine shots at the fairgrounds? As one of my friends suggested, you could run it like a well oiled Chick-fil-A drive through. That might actually work, if there is enough vaccine to do something like that. Because that's another obstacle.

Bottom line, the handling of this pandemic has been messy from the start at all levels of government. Why should the solution be any less messy?

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