The Sedalia Council approved two new programs that will soon take place at the city's animal shelter facility.

The programs were unveiled by Animal Shelter Manager Randi Battson Monday night at Sedalia's regular Council meeting.

The first program is called Woof Release Program, in which someone is allowed to check out a dog for a day or weekend. The program will increase the dog's chances of being adopted and spend less time at the shelter, Battson said.

“Dogs (at the shelter) spend way too much time in a cage and forget how to socialize with other dogs or humans,” she told the Council.

Participants in the new program will need to provide references, and any damage done by the dog during the time spent away from the shelter will have to be reimbursed through homeowners insurance or other method, Battson said.

The other program has been named Whisker Workshop, which is a pet care clinic for kids.

The goal of the program, aimed at ages 5-16, is to create better pet owners. “It's so much more than just owning a pet,” she said of adoption. The program will consist of six sessions, one per week, and cover six topics.

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