The Annual Meeting of the Sedalia Area Tourism Commission was held Thursday, Jan. 30 in the Upstairs Conference Room of the Katy Depot.

Chairman Chuck Kempton, Vice Chair David Dick, Treasurer Erica Eisenmenger, Tom Adermann, John Kehde, CVB Advisory Carolyn Crooker and CVB / TC Liaison Deb Biermann attended the meeting.

On motion by David Dick, seconded by John Kehde minutes of the Oct. 11, 2019 meeting were approved with all being in favor.

The Financial Summary Report updated as of January 30, 2020 was reviewed. The first box represents total cash on hand as held by the deposit-only account, a certificate of deposit, and the checking account ($722,345.37 – up 17% over previous year). The second box is a snapshot of month-by-month / year-by-year collections. (up 9% year-to-date as compared to previous year).

The third box summarizes amount of funds approved for reimbursement to the respective tourism partners for 2019 ($467,615.77- clear funds up 22% over previous year) as well as totals of unused funds and balance carried forward. On motion by John Kehde, seconded by Tom Adermann, the report was accepted by unanimous vote. Copies of financial reports are attached to the official minutes.

Discussion moved to status of delinquent payments. American Inn and Budget Inn are in arrears for September, October, November and December. John was requested to have Kevin issue a letter of delinquency indicating that if not brought up to date they will be forfeiting their business license.

There is a matter of noncompliance on the part of several motels in that information required on the form is not filled in with particular reference to including number of motel rooms occupied. Having access to that information assists the Tourism Commission in understanding if increases in collected lodgings taxes are due to rate increases or actual occupancy. Contact will be made with those motels who are not providing complete information to reinforce the importance of doing so.

Thanks were extended to Erica and Tom for their willingness to accept a two-year reappointment. On motion by John Kehde, seconded by Tom Adermann, the proposed slate of officers was approved by unanimous vote. The following were reappointed to a one-year term: Chuck Kempton, Chair; David Dick, Vice Chair; and Erica Eisenmenger, Treasurer.

A line item of $850 to cover operating expenses of the Tourism Commission for 2020 was reviewed. This covers cost of D & O insurance and supplies. Approval for the budget was made on motion by
David Dick, seconded by Erica Eisenmenger with all being in favor.

Carolyn unveiled the colorized version of the F L A T Kat graphics and shared the very positive reaction she is receiving on this campaign.

In other business, conversation turned to the matter of Air B&B’s. Earlier in 2019 there were four listed doing business in the Sedalia area with a recent review showing nineteen. Various questions regarding how local legislation regarding license, fee and taxes may apply to these types of business were posed. John Kehde will research this matter and report back.

Erica expressed heartfelt appreciation to the Commission for the donation to Brendan’s memorial scholarship fund.

In accordance with the Sunshine Law, meeting notice and minutes were provided to the Sedalia Democrat, KDRO and Townsquare Media.

The next meeting of the Tourism Commission is expected in October.

Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

--Submitted by: Deborah Biermann

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