19 University of Central Missouri faculty members were recently approved for promotion and tenure to associate professor, eight for promotion to professor, and one promotion to associate professor and one for tenure only.

A press release from UCM indicates the names of the individuals and their achievements were released earlier this month by Interim Provost-Chief Learning Officer Mike Godard.

“To achieve promotion or tenure at UCM is an outstanding accomplishment,” Godard said. “We’re pleased to share this good news with the university community, and to recognize the great work of these faculty members and their continued commitment to our students’ success.”

Faculty members who achieved the rank of professor for the 2018-2019 academic year are listed below by their name and the department they represent:

Yeok-il Cho, Criminal Justice; Matthew A. Eck, English and Philosophy; Robert H. Hallis, James C. Kirkpatrick Library; Julia A. Hentges, Elementary and Early Childhood Education; Adam Horn and Denise Oas, Marketing and Public Relations; Suhansa Rodchua, School of Technology; Sarah  D. Zellers, School of Environmental, Physical and Applied Sciences. 

Individuals who earned both a promotion to associate professor and tenure are:

Catherine A. Burris and Starlynne R. Nance,  History, Anthropology, Sociology, and Cross Disciplinary Studies; Michael A. Graves and Eric T. Newsom, Communication; Kristee M. Haney and Allison S. Robbins, Music; John F. Malta and Marco A. Rosichelli, Art and Design; Charlene L. Atkins, Academic Enrichment; Angela J. Danley, Elementary and Early Childhood Education; Adriatik Likcani, Educational Leadership  and Human Development; James E. Cicon, Economics and Finance and The School of Accountancy; Sherri DioGuardi, Criminal Justice; Virginia A. Killian, Marketing and Public Relations; Ray A. Luechtefeld, Management; Curtis W. Bradford, School of Technology; Katie A. Jacobs, Psychological Sciences; Chen Zhou, School of Environmental, Physical and Applied Sciences; and Joshua A. Welker, James C. Kirkpatrick Library.

Additionally, Hyeyeon Hwang, Psychological Sciences, achieved the rank of associate professor, and Jeremy R. Underwood, associate professor, School of Technology, was awarded tenure.

University of Central Missouri
Kurt Parsons

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