The School of Visual and Performing Arts, including students and faculty of UCM Theatre and Dance, UCM Music and UCM Art and Design have all collaborated to present the spring’s annual dance concert titled Kaleidoscope.

Conceived and directed by UCM Theatre and Dance Chair, Professor Ashley Miller-Scully, this collaborative, challenging and creative theatrical endeavor is sure not to disappoint.

Kaleidoscope performs at the Highlander Theater on the UCM Campus April 21st to April 24th, with April 21, 22, and 23 at 7:30 PM and the April 24th show is a matinee at 2:00 PM. The Sunday matinee on April 24th is Pay-What-You-Can (minimum $1).

Color can often be one of the most exciting and informative tools an artist can use to express themselves, create mood, convey a message, or portray an emotion that profoundly affects people. For our season finale, the School of Visual and Performing Arts has created a fresh and innovative dance concert that pushes the boundaries of this multi-dimensional art form. The choreographers, artists and musicians have found inspiration from the color wheel to fill the theatre with sights, sounds, movement and, of course, dance that will invade the senses of all who experience it and leave them in awe.

Kaleidoscope director Ashley Miller-Scully stated, “the most incredible aspect of creating this show has been the collaboration within the entire School of Visual and Performing Arts. Artistic collaboration can sometimes be challenging as artists tend to have their own aesthetic and ideas about the direction a project should go, but for Kaleidoscope it has been nothing short of amazing to watch all these different artists bring their specific talent into each dance and create meaningful, beautiful art. This really is much more than a dance concert - it’s an artistic experience - and I can’t wait for our audiences to go on this journey! As this is our final main stage of the 21/22 Live On Stage season, I hope everyone will come to the Highlander one last time and enjoy this production before the school year ends!"

Jacqueline M. García served as a guest choreographer for the concert through funding from the Digital Learning and Instructional Innovation Speaker Series Grant. She is a dance artist pursuing a multi-faceted practice in choreography, performance, education, and arts administration and achieved a terminal degree from the University of New Mexico earning an MFA in Dance, Choreography. García is a proud native of Albuquerque, New Mexico and currently lives in Fort Worth, Texas.

Kaleidoscope Choreographers include: Ashley Miller-Scully, Allison Duncan, Francois Des Marteau, Guest Artist Jacqueline Garcia, Rachel Curry, Janie Turner, Miranda Muenz, Carly Othic, Gaby Moore, Tuck Mori-Kreiner and Assistant Choreographer TiJhana Hines.

Dancers include: Rachel Curry, Janie Turner, Miranda Muenz, Carly Othic, Gaby Moore, Jace Nielsen, Addie Rutherford, Brittany King, Makenzie Lewis, Shanna Sinow and understudies: TiJhana Hines and Mekdelawit Keller.

Musicians/Vocalists include: Dr. Eric Honour, Dr. Elizabeth Stimpert, Dr. Jacob Sentgeorge, Connor Sloan, Nick Sloan, Katie Marshall, Theresa Peterson, Oni Karimu, Nik Baumert, Holden Childress, Logan Mathes, Michael Wall, Alex Goldwasser and Ian Mitchell.

Artists and Projection Designers include: Dr. Eric Honour, David Babcock, Zahra H. Marwan, Brittany Brandt, Gracie Heath, Sarannah Paul, Bridget Whalen, Lizzie Elliot and Mary Gladbach.

Production Team includes: Director Ashley Miller-Scully, Stage Manager Ryann Hill, Asst. Stage Manager Anna Braman, Technical Director Joe Burkard, Lighting/Sound Designer and Mentor Benjamin Gonzales, Lighting Designers: Thomas Clark, Kayla Gross, Madison Skiljan, Gracie Heath, Seth Sneary, Seth Holt, Hollie Neumann, Allison Winsby, Brittany Brandt, Joe Burkard and Benjamin Gonzales, Costume/Hair/Makeup Design Jennifer Van Buskirk, Costume Dyist/Painter Brittany Brandt, Run Crew Jennifer White, Alex Gamblin, Luke Englert, Hanna Wilson, Wardrobe Crew Kayla Addison, Light Board Operator Gracie Heath, Sound Board Operator Stephanie Heathcock, Projections Operator Katie Marshall, Technical Mixing for Music Dr. Eric Honour and Alex Goldwasser.

Tickets are available from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM in Martin 113, or, by calling 660-543-8811 or online at any questions about tickets, please call 660-543-8811and leave a voicemail or email

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