Recognizing the value of a strong mathematics background in pursuit of highly technical careers, the University of Central Missouri School of Computer Science and Mathematics and the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Computing and Engineering have established a new dual degree program that is expected to give students a competitive edge in the job market.

Effective as of May 1, 2021, this program makes it possible for students to earn a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from UCM and a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering from UMKC.

“A degree in engineering requires a strong background in mathematics. Earning a mathematics degree from UCM will prepare students for the engineering courses that they will take at UMKC,” said Rhonda McKee, Ph.D., professor and mathematics program coordinator at UCM. “The logical thinking that a student learns as a math major, together with the applied engineering courses, will make the student very attractive to potential employers."

As per the agreement, students who want to enter this program will apply after completing two years at UCM. Once accepted, they will become integrated into the dual degree program. They will spend three years at UCM before completing the program as a degree-seeking transfer student enrolled in full-time study at UMKC.

“UMKC will accept UCM courses for some of the required courses in the engineering program,” McKee said. “Similarly, UCM will accept some of the UMKC engineering courses as electives in the mathematics program. The arrangement will be both a time and financial benefit to students. Both degrees can be earned in five years.”
Students who complete their general education requirements at UCM will be exempt from completing general education requirements at UMKC, McKee said.

She added that the per-semester-hour cost to enroll in UCM courses is less than those offered at UMKC, which helps reduce the overall cost to students.

UCM students who meet UMKC’s Chancellor’s Transfer Scholarship requirement will receive a $2,000 scholarship each academic year and a nonresident tuition differential for nonresident students. Students who are on an international student visa and not otherwise sponsored are eligible for the Dean’s International Scholar Award each fall and spring semester upon full-time enrollment.

Prorated DISAs are available for summer enrollment by request, according to the dual degree program agreement.

To learn more about this dual degree program between UCM and the UMKC School of Computing and Engineering, contact Xiaodong Yue, Ph.D., professor and chair of the UCM School of Computer Science and Mathematics, at 660-543-4930 or email

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