Walker County was the featured performer on the Bud Stage Thursday afternoon at the 2017 Missouri State Fair.

Randy Kirby
Randy Kirby

KSIS chatted with Sophie Dawn and Ivy Dene right before their 6 p.m. show.

"We are definitely country," said Ivy. "We write a lot of our own music, so we always try to keep a foot in the traditional world and a foot in the new country world, and we have a lot of fun."

"Sophie's a drummer, so we do a lot of rocked-up country stuff," Ivy said.

"We get along very well. We're sisters, so growing up together and playing music, we just get along great, we really do," Sophie said. "We definitely became each other's best friend," Ivy echoed.

The third member of Walker Country is the girls' dad Billy Walker, who plays lead guitar.

"We started the family band about 11 years ago (in Indiana). I was 11 and Sophie was eight," Ivy said. "We played around our home town in Indiana, and it kind of grew from there. We got signed with Warner Music Nashville, we moved down to Nashville, Tennessee, and started working on our new record, so we're really excited."

You can find Walker County online at Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and a website, WalkerCountyBand.com. "We keep updates on the new music all the time," Ivy added.

Walker County has had the privilege of playing shows with Dwight Yoakam, Toby Keith, Montgomery Gentry, Old Dominion and Willie Nelson this year.

"We've been all over the place, but absolutely loving it. I'm telling you, everybody we've worked with so far has been so amazing. And all the crew and people, they treat us like gold," Ivy said, "we're so blessed.

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