For most of us, when the power goes out it's inconvenient but not the end of the world. We may get hot or cold, or at worst, lose some food in our fridge. For some, however, having power is the difference between life and death. Warrensburg Emergency Medical Services wants to make sure if you depend on power to survive, that you get checked on during power problems.

In a Facebook post yesterday Warrensburg EMS wrote, "After this recent storm it is evident to us that we need establish a database of people within our community that are dependent on electricity to survive. We have many residents who rely on oxygen concentrators, home dialysis machines, and other home equipment just to survive."

Warrensburg EMS is compiling a list of people served by them that they can check on in the event of a storm, natural disaster or other emergency that can disrupt power. If you use life saving equipment at home, or your elderly or disabled, and want to be checked on please let Warrensburg EMS know.

"If you want to be checked on in case of an event like this, CALL US TODAY to be placed on our list. There is no specific eligibility requirement. We are here for you and to serve you in your time of need. Please call 518.623.4911 option 2." When you call please have the following information for them: your name, your address, and any powered life saving equipment your using in your home.


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