If you're a Warrensburg resident like me, you might just get a little excited about this. The Warrensburg Spring Clean Up will be here in two weeks. What's the spring clean up? It's the two weeks where the City of Warrensburg will come by your home or apartment and pick up bulk items that don't get regularly picked up with your trash.

I'm personally excited because I have two old recliners sitting on my back porch that need to go. One's busted. The other I put out front with a sign on it saying "free to good home". No  one took me up on it and then it snowed. So to not soil the look of our neighborhood, I carried it around back of the house to the porch where it's been sitting ever sense. In two weeks, the City will come and take these chairs off my hands for free.

According to the City of Warrensburg:

Bulk items such as furniture (couches, chairs, tables, mattresses), carpeting, tree trimmings, and appliances, must be placed curbside in a neat and orderly manner no later than 7:00 AM on Monday of your cleanup week. Bulk collection in your area starts on Monday, however, actual collection time will vary due to total volume and type of materials set out. This program is for items that are not normally hauled by your trash service.

The clean up week for those who live East of Maguire is the week of Monday April 20. For those of us who live West of Maguire, the week of Monday April 27. There are some details and things to note. For example, how and where to put the bulk items you want the City to pick up. Brush collection guidelines. And even suggestions on a better way to get old electronics recycled. Plus there are some things the City can't take. You can find all the details on that from The City of Warrensburg here.


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